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Swinging leg over bike

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My motorcycles have never had a
backrest or sissy bar --up till now.

I just acquired a Harley Sportster 883 that has backrest that sticks up probably 14 inches. I find that when I try to mount the motorcycle, approaching from its left side, every now and then I fail to swing my leg high enough to clear that, and I end up karate kicking it instead!

So --you would think the obvious answer is just a step directly over the saddle where my butt will go and not let my leg and foot swing across the pillion or back fender, right?

The trouble is when I wear leather riding chaps my leg movement is restricted to the point that I can't raise my leg up & bend the knee midair, like I'm about to do a snap-kick. When I try to take a giant step over the seat sometimes my boot scrapes across the fuel tank as it crosses over.

Arm Martial arts uniform Sleeve Gesture Finger

Other than losing a bunch of weight and doing stretching exercises --maybe taking up yoga or Pilates ---do y'all have any suggestions?
Keep in mind that I ride dressed in protective gear. I can easily mount the bike without touching any part of it that I'm not supposed to if I were were wearing sweatpants and sneakers.
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Have you considered mounting from the other side ?
If you do that, you should be able to put your right foot on the peg before swinging your left leg up.
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