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Synthetic oil for older inlines ?

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I tried synth in my 83 Kz750L. keep in mind that the motor has around 100,000 on it. It worked okay, but I started to get some leakage from the cylinder head and the clutch slipped a bit more than normal.

Other than that it ran fine. I wouldn't see any issues, but if I remember roght the YZF was liquid cooled correct? I'd think cheap old dino oil would work fine
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Use a good oil and good filter and change them regularly. The thing will last a looong time, if it was well cared for for the last 26K miles. If not, no oil is gonna fix it. Just about everything mentioned makes sense here. What a surprise.
Red vs Gold caps

I just happen to have a bottle of the new gold cap with me. It is the new 15,000 miles-between-oil-changes stuff. Not that I'd go that long between oil changes, but what is so different from the red cap and this stuff? Is there anything in this new oil to be concerned with in a bike?
Thank you for this information. Wheelsrush
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41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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