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The 80th at Squaw Valley a few years back was the most boring thing I have ever experianced. About 4 venders, the bmw appearal truck and their bikes. Oh quick stunt show that was ok, but how many wheelies can one man watch? Then a 6000 seat beer tent with 4 people in it. I went back the second day for a demo ride and of course the only bike I wanted to demo wasnt available. So I rode around Lake Tahoe which makes for a rather scenic ride and ended up back at the hotel poolside. That was my first / last non race motorcycle function I have attended.

Oh there was a little excitement. Day two when I returned I went to get my wrist band and was accosted by we'll call him "Hans" at the registration table. "Hans" was about 5'8" 150 and 60ish who decided to grab a death grip on my arm while shouting at everyone at the registration tent to not give me anything as I had removed the wrist band they expected me to wear for 3 days. I'm 6'6" 300 btw and had paid for myself and my wife who decided not to attend, just about this time the reg people started calming "Hans" down as they noticed I was balling my fist to beat "Hans" to a bloody pulp right then and there. To which "Hans" finally relinquished his death grip on my left arm. $200 and the riot act to get a second $.05 wrist band, unfreakingbelievable...
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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