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Tax Payers Will Pay

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Well this certainly sux

BTW...1st post
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Speaking of Janklow, did anyone else see the interview with him on Frontline a while back? As if there weren't enough reasons to dislike him already, he was also a leading figure in helping banks setup credit card shops in a state without usury laws. It actually helps explain the intense aura of teflon-coated sleaze he radiates -- Citibank would probably be willing to finance his defense as a courtesy.
Well that's a surprise, who'd a thunk a good red state polititian like Wanklow woud be above the law, I thought all the red staters were big on morals and peronal responsibility

I thought only rump rangers and liberal demos were the ones lacking proper morals and shirking their responsibility to sociaty.
LOL Well said

Record Budget deficits, sinking dollar, Social Security in trouble, Outsourcing manufacturing jobs at a record clip, Enron and Wanklow s***** still walking free, young kids dying in Iraq but thank god gays can't get married*....

*Red staters this is called sarcasm
We are sure safer now that...

P.S. I feel a lot safer that Marha Stewart is in jail...

Bin Laden who's he? I thought Sadam caused 9/11*

*More sarcasm Red Staters.
Re: We are sure safer now that...

Martha Stewart was certainly guilty of securities law violations, but the reason you heard so much about her was due to the primarily "blue state" populist demagoguery against alleged corporate malfeasance - the same attacks that were largely responsible for the politically motivated, and largely unnecessary, Sarbanes-Oxley nonsense.

Also, the assertion that the Bush administration claimed that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11 is a canard. Being involved with al Qaeda, which Hussein almost certainly was according to most reasonable analysis, at some level, does not necessarily imply complicity in all of al Qaeda's activities. It's exactly that type of false claim that makes reasonable political discourse so difficult.

Re: Discourse is Futile Against the KooK!

You've been around long enough that reasoned political discourse with the Kook is a waste of time. The best response (if you really must respond) is the following:

1. Point out the Bushies will be in power for at least 4 more years (generations if he nominates the "right" jurists for the Supreme Court).

2. Go riding while he furiously looks for a link to some left wing wacko website.
Re: We are sure safer now that...

Too bad Martha wasn't convicted of a single securities violation, she was found guilty of obstruction of justice for basically asserting that she was innocent of said violations.

Also, just to get those puny convictions, it took the perjured testimony of a Secret Service agent who is now looking at more time at Club Fed for lying than Martha will ever spend.

She would never have done a day because the appeals process would have stretched longer than her life, but because she feels responsible to her employees and investors, she pulled a Goodfellas style "now take me to jail" to put it behind her. You sure don't see Kenny Boy and the other Bush faves at Enron with that kind of guts.
No surprise, Janklow and his constituents have always been welfare queens... but it's high class welfare, not food stamps or piddling little checks for single moms but big fat subsidies, handouts for welfare ranchers, welfare farmers, mining, oil, natural gas, etc etc.

Ride past the mountains of stinking sugar beets some time... grown on Federally subsidized cropland, irrigated with Federal water, purchased with tax dollars to keep prices up by taking surplus off the market... then left to rot.

Re: We are sure safer now that...

I think you meant to say that the Bush Administration campaign to link (in voters minds) Saddam and 9/11... was a canard.

Pointing out that cynical lie is simply an accurate observation.
I saw it. I couldn't stand to look at him and turned the channel.
So John McCain is a liberal then.

I am a Republican just not a Bush Republican. i.e. I am a fiscal conservative, pro-life, war at last resort....i.e. John McCain, Arnold the Gov...Nixon....Rockfeller....Bush SR....Ford... i.e the Republican party...before the Religous right took over.
Re: We are sure safer now that...

Well said. I have to look it up but I think her actual crime was lying to a Federal Agent... Gates is on my hit list now. Watch me operate now.
Wow, Sarnali just turned into KPuke for a minute. Yeah, all red staters are this, and all blue staters are that, and all Blacks are like this, and all Chinese are like that. Just what we needed. More stupid generalizations that divide people. Sheesh.
And farmed by prison inmates paid .05 cents an hour! Not that I'd know anything about that...
I thought we were friends, and you cut me like that........

The truth is kpail is way more conservative than I am I just keep to myself, you know that west coast liberal thing.

Never mind Longo, I'm just sulking about the 51% landslide that got our boy his mandate to f**k things up worse than they already are......I'll get over it. Yankoff would be a puke no matter where he's from.

Speaking of motorcycles I'm going to the IMS in Seattle next Sunday.. got to drool all over new Speed Triples and Thruxtons. Can't f****n' wait. Me and some bros are riding unless it snows and sticks, right now they're talking about rain and snow mixed, that stuffs slick but it washes into the gutter so no problem.
Saw the Rocket today at I-90 motorsports

The thing is huge. Have to say it looks better in person. Sorry you were right and I was wrong. They have a Rune on sale for only $22,000. They didn't have the new Daytona yet. Thats what I am looking for.

Can't wait to see the new Speed Triple.
We almost got the new Speed Triple to ride for the upcoming naked comparo. I would have loved to wring one of those out. I did get some serious seat time on the VFR though. Being one of the MO Holy Trinity, I felt honored. Hit the show and report beck here at once!
Re: Saw the Rocket today at I-90 motorsports

I think it looks pretty cool, if I was in the market for a full-on cruiser I'd probably get one. The Rune is not something I could use (I'm being polite here)

For my next bike I'll probably get a Bonneville or a Tiger. I'm keeping my Trophy so I just want a play bike, maybe even a Superglide or 1200 Roadster...I'll have to see when the time comes. Probably a Bonneville and cafe` it.
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