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Team Proton looks to Valencia

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I was just reading that vdGoorbergh says that the 16.5 inch tires are what is keeping him from podium finishes. He said that those new tires have enabled the big(286lb!) 4cylinder machines to increase their cornering speed to be almost on par with the 3-cylinder. vdGoorbergh also predicted that in 2 years the field would be almost all 4stroke. I respectfully disagree.
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The 4 Strokes are new and almost competitive (the honda and Yamaha are now running top qualifying times at 3 dif tracks), and the reason for the 4 stroke change is because the manufacturers agree there is more room for improvement (230 HP!!! a more broad torque range!!! In the past few years the main reason for increasing lap race times were the improvement in tires and a little improvement in throttle response.
I thought these bikes weighed over 300 lbs.,

what are the minimum weight limits for 2, 3, and 4 cyl. bikes?
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