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Team Sheriff Racing Includes 'Posse' Of Reformed Street Racers.

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And those that wish to street race will continue to do so. I don't see what will actually get accomplished with this, besides giving members some sort of warm fuzzy, law-abiding feeling.
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Yes. Indeed, foreign Sir, though I may not understand your large, angry words, be assured, we come in peace.
Hat's off the the LA County Sheriff! Doing anything that puts a human face on old adversaries must be good.

Here where I live, (WV) most of the squids are so geriatric(old Duc and Brit riders) that we no longer have the energy to street race. So our SO's office finds us at the local dinner drinking coffee and incriminating ourselves with stories of riding adventures from years past.

If we were younger, we too would need a program like this.

Additional opportunites are rarely a bad thing. Can't much hurt anything. I like it.
WTF? I have no clue what you said, but it sounds impassioned.
Programs like this one work because deep down inside, we are pack animals. Doing something that separates us from the pack affects us at some subconscious level. That's why programs like this are somewhat effective.

Yes, there are going to be individuals that are so hopeless nothing but jail is going to help. With this program and others like it, even the un-savable individual is close at hand to law enforcement and known to them. Making them both easy to monitor and easy to catch.

The best place to race streetbikes is in the dirt and on top of trains like in that cool movie Torque.
Or how about that loser, "Biker Boyz," where they stage that shootout sportbike race ON A DIRT ROAD!

Can you say, "I don't think so.....!"
I liked the scene in Biker Boyz where they raced with no eye protection, and stood on their tanks at race speeds while crossing the finish line.

Makes you wonder how many young squids busted their butts trying that at home?

Darwin at work? Or proof that intelligent design has it’s dark side?

I heard from a 'reliable source' that you couldn't pass the MSF advanced rider course, so stick to the sidestreets please!
He's going to try again after he get's his battery charged
Sounds good on the surface...the responses so far reflect reality. Rotsaruk Team Posse-not a bad thought or idea-definitely a positive move, regardless.
It sounds like a good thing. I just hope it is as the article states.
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