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Teammates: Roberts and Mandela

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First po.... Yeah, I guess this is good for our sport and good for foreign relations. YOu tell me.
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Hey man, you should elaborate, maybe you have valid points. Maybe not.
No doubt Nelson Mandela will probably say something like:

"Now that South Africa has emerged from the dark night of racism and struggles to make itself a new nation, with true democracy and equal justice for all people, regardless of skin color, we would very much like to know your opinion on a pressing international issue: Which country

has the hottest umbrella babes?"

The word "euphoria" is not a proper noun, and therefore should not be capitalized. In fact, it's not a noun at all... it's an adjective!! Aside from that little nit-picking bit, I didn't find the idea of the meeting particularly interesting, but I am curious about what Mandela would have to talk about with them. Maybe he's trying to get some track time to polish his skills on the RGV500?
I think it would go something like "If you need some help with some of the front runners, then I will call the soccer fans in and we can trample them to death. Let me know when they are in the pit area as it will be too hard to catch them once they are on the track. Of course, I won't have to worry about the Italians, Rossi & Biaggi, they'll take each other out anyway."
Buy a dictionary

Euphoria IS a noun. The adjective is euphoric
No Haga, its Marketing.

Mandela is well known and respected globally, so having Roberts and co meet with him helps raise the profile and prestige of MotoGP. Gotta rub shoulders with the rich and famous if you wanna look rich and famous too.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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