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Ten Legendary Motorcycle Rides

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What's the best riding road?

The one you're riding on.

(I just wanted to see if I could write something as fcuking queer as the replies to the monthly question in the AMA magazine.)
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Route 76 is NOT the Palomar Mountain road. You get to Palomar from route 76 tho.
Cool list MO thanks.. I think the Colorado to Kansas ride was a bogus choice having done that in a car several times.. Agree with the San Jaun Durango thing..
That was so beautiful man..
Nice. I've ridden Four of those routes (or at least parts of them) - Deal's Gap, Cherohala, The Northern part of the Durango loop, and US 1 to Key West (just this March).

I've got a lot of riding to do to catch-up with all these.........
He's still not going to share his beer with you........
>America is the undisputed wonderland of roads

Yeah that's right. There is a severe lack of roads in other countries.

- cruiz-euro
"Sexploration: Is my husband checking out other men?"

C'mon, a ride through the Alps or around Lago di Como is probably boring as a Saskatchewan highway...
Yes he is. Stop nagging him and lose a few pounds.
In the MSNBC pic, did anyone else notice the bonehead who's riding in the oncoming lane?
Who could disagree with that list!

Oddball suggestion for consideration: Nebraska State Route 2 from Grand Island to Alliance. Straight through the heart of the Sand Hill Country - Willa Cather land. 100+ miles of hilly grassland. Much more interesting than the run from CO into KS.
I know of a number 11.

And I'm not telling anyone where it is.
I'm sure many folks here know about the Arkansas roads, but last year I had to drive from St. Louis to Longview Texas, and I had the opportunity to drive through Arkansas. I would have never in a million years expected it to be so beautiful. I was on the Scenic 7, but since then I've investigated Ark roads and they are quite notorious for being great riding roads. HSTA has a lot of info.
Check out Harley's new atlas. It's in there.
maladq, you need to ride north off 2 on any of those Sand Hill's secondary roads that run through sand hill lake country. Absolutely desolate and beautiful and no cars. Need to pee, then just stop and do it. This whole area of Nebraska is just awesome, especially if rains have greened up the Sand Hills like they have this year. Go north all the way to 275. Pick one that is pock marked with lakes. Won't regret it.
I had the same impression a few years ago. Those Ozarks are beautiful.

Man, I read a story like that, it's 8 am, I'm sitting in work on a Friday, my boss is already gone for the weekend, the bike is parked out back, she said the commute just ain't cuttin' it...

Palomar here we come!
If it's the Deal's Gap picture he was heading in the other (correct) direction.

Not that that never happened...

You, are so right. I took a quick look and it appeared that I was looking at the front of his bike. Duh.
I just got back from a weekend on the Durango Loop. That was a particularly awesome ride. Especially the very technical twisty bit after Ouray. Very very awesome. Think they had to knock the smile off my face with a ballpeen hammer. Even got a by from a cop who had me dead to rights on the straight back into Durango.
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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