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Ten Legendary Motorcycle Rides

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What's the best riding road?

The one you're riding on.

(I just wanted to see if I could write something as fcuking queer as the replies to the monthly question in the AMA magazine.)
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Well, yea. I mean, you guys don't even have indoor plumbing and, like... lights and stuff. ;)
Re: Correction

Could peruse Killboy for a few minutes and find a shot of what you thought you saw pretty easily.
Re: Correction

Some great pics from Killboy in this month's Motorcyclist including a doppelganger where this one Harley dude runs WAY off coarse and runs into his virtual twin. Good stuff.
The D558 from Garde-la-Freinet to St Tropez in the south of France. Short but squiggly like the Dragon's Tail, and with the legendary resort (and its legendary babes) at the southern end.
wear something skimpy and bend over alot...
A long flat straight road from Colorado to Nebraska......hmmm, that looks like fun.

I'll give one away here, SR 97 from the Columbia River Gorge to Yakima........sage brush and tumbleweeds with elevation changes and twisties straight out of the wild west. Nothing out there but rattlers and coyotes.

It's funny really that Washington on Oregon are supposed to be all evergreens and lakes and stuff. From the Cascades to the coast, yes but the other 75% of both states is desert sage brush and tumbleweeds so bleak a rattlesnake has to carry a lunch pail...Why do you think they stuck the Hanford Nuke plant out there?
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Yeah, but everyone there gets a free emergency room to lay in for a week with the bone from the compound fracture sticking out of their leg.

I'll give you two:

  1. Highways 12, 24, and 95 in southern Utah. Astounding beauty, 5 National Parks and Recreation Area (Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Lake Powell, and Natural Bridges), 24 and 95 are empty enough that you can go hours without seeing another vehicle, and the low vegetation gives good sightlines and makes it pretty difficult for a LEO or an animal large enough that you can't run it over to hide.
  2. Highway 191 in Arizona near the NM border from Alpine to Clifton. Long, twisty, beautiful scenery. It reminds me of a desert version of the Cherohala.
Re: Correction

One of the most-disturbing pics I've seen is of an obvious local in a 4WD IH-Scout on The Gap, driving 110% in the left lane on a blind curve...............

(he was actually partly over the WHITE line)
If Europe would just hurry-up and invent Fire, or Agriculture, stop living in caves an' shyte - it might actually be a nice place to visit...............

Some west coast classics that were missed:

Highway 99 in BC, 31A in BC, FS 25 in WA, Highway 242 in OR, highway 20 in WA, Highway 224/FS46 in OR.

Some of those aren't in the US, but let's face it, anyone who wants to claim that the US has the best roads probably hasn't travelled much, makes me think they've never heard of the Alps.
341/Push Mountain Rd/the "AR Gap" and its switchbacks and decreasing radius curves, and a general-lack of Enforcement is another one not to be missed if you get to this area. It's just off 7, I've ridden through there many times. Stop for a lunch at The Cliff House; really good food.
For anyone that's in the area, the Ohio River Scenic Byway across southern Indiana between Evansville and Louisville is a great ride. Not much traffic, lots of curves, great scenery, and excellent pavement make it a nice trip.

I ride parts of it when I have to head to the Louisville area for work, though that will be on hold for a while since a lady pulled out in front of me this past Monday and took out my new (to me) 2002 Suzuki Bandit 1200. Oh well, at least I got a good two weeks out of the bike before the accident. On the bright side, that means I get to go bike shopping again!
Re: The best for last...

Florence Avenue between the Harbor freeway & Aviation Blvd.

Don't forget to stop at Oklahoma Smokearoma for the hot links.

Reginald Denny gives it four stars.
Thanks for the tip.. I'll check out this weekend.. Eastern WA is lot like Far Western Colorado and Eastern Utah..i.e. back home. I like it..
Works for socko in The Institution............
I almost took that, and and was so sick of colorado I just decided to get home and hardballed down the interstate. Now I wish I went that way. Grrr.

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