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Okay, since KD (and crew) is apparently too busy riding motorcycles, I'd like the forum to weigh in.

My beloved old (original version) Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket has about had it.

So, I'm trying to figure out what to replace it with. FirstGear has a couple nice looking jackets, JR has a much newer (5.0) Phoenix, etc. They all look great on a monitor, but actual quality is impossible to determine.

Features that are important include (not in a particular order):
- Waterproof liner
- Real (i.e., CE) Armor in the elbow and shoulder, preferably removable
- Substantial and removeable back pad.
- A couple of pockets
- Sleeve and waist adjustability
- Mating zipper for attachment to riding pants
- Light (not necessarily white) color for reflecting the sun, especially on those Ethiopia-hot days
- Durability and washability

I have very limited access to inspect or fit any make or model. We have one significant bike dealer in town, and they have only one or two jackets on hangers.

So, what say y'all?
If you liked your Joe Rocket Phoenix, why not go with the new Phoenix 5.0? The features you are looking for are all available on the Phoenix 5. You know Joe Rocket quality, and since gear can all fit differently, and since you don't have much of an opportunity to check out gear before buying, knowing how Joe Rocket fits is pretty important.

I just bought my Phoenix 5.0 yesterday. It is too early to know much, and I certainly know nothing about its durability. However, so far I'm pretty happy. It seems quite sturdy, and the mesh lets in a lot of air. I love the features: a clip for keys so they don't have to clutter up my pockets, two nice deep outer pockets, a pocket for glasses which can easily be used for a cell phone if you aren't going to use it for glasses, padding to protect your sides, it is lightweight, as well as the more standard stuff (back pad, CE shoulder and elbow armor, zipper to connect to pants, waterproof liner, etc.). The only thing I don't like so much is that it doesn't really have a collar, it just kind of ends at the neck.
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