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Thanksgiving heros, good stuff Sean & well written

*** ***

now for a little change of pace i'd like to nominate my freaking THANKSGIVING TURKEY...

that would be the fatass kook in the Porsche SUV who went totally ape***** today during the evening commute when I did a perfectly legal safe lane split at a red light...

so he slalomed his out-of-state plate yuppiemobile through traffic so he could get behind me at the next light, pulled right up to my rear tire & revs his engine and glares, ready to bust a brain artery cuz someone dared pass his $100K POS...

and at the next light he gets alongside me & starts yabbering away so I yelled back "It's legal in California. Learn the traffic laws or go back to Flyoverville you f***ing trannie kook"

I dunno if he heard me or not but I thought it was a pretty snappy comeback, considering it was spur of the moment and all...

Happy Thanksgiving!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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