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That dastardly R6 Story...

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Excuse me a minute while I go comb my hair. That little tidbit of techtitude flying overhead created a hell of a vortex!
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Boycott Microsoft...

Typical microsoft weaseling. Use Netscape Navigator (which also sucks).
I posted as responce to this in the 600 shootout but since it has 292 posts now..........

Both the R-6 intro and the 600 shootout now load perfectly. I'm impressed that MO was willing/able to find and correct the problem so quickly.

I recall that you guys had spent a lot of time trying to find the problem after the R-6 story came out, but to no avail. I'm glad it's finally fixed, as the best stories were the ones that weren't loading. (It's also very nice not having to press the red-button-of-death on my computer simply because I tried to load a web-page!)

I know I speak for many others when I say: Thank You Very Much!!

P.S. Microsoft sucks monkey-sh!t 'cause their products have more bugs than Saddam's underwear.
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Use Mozilla

If you go to You can download the mozilla browser which is what Netscape uses as their underlying browser technology. It is free and has the wonderful benefits of 1) being open source, which I hope annoys Bill Gates to no end. 2) Has a feature so that you can shut down 99+% of the popup ad windows on the net.

Re: Use Mozilla

Speaking of blocking popups, what's with the new Buell popup on the home page that my browser (Safari) doesn't block and doesn't even recognize as a window, and won't let me close?
Re: Use Mozilla

It's not a pop-up! It's an overlay and if your browser doesn't support Javascript it shouldn't even open. Never heard of Safan, though, probably some strange handling there. Is it based on Gecko?
yeah...this was driving me *crazy*. I haven't checked recently or anything, but I'm very happy that this problem was looked at seriously. Really appreciate it.
Re: Use Mozilla

Safari is Apple's new browser. It's based on KHTML and KJS, from the KDE project. It supports Javascript.
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