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That's an awful lot of stupid

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I was kind of waiting for the vid to end with a splat.
Waiting or hoping? :p
I think I've seen this before and for some reason I'm thinking these guys got caught. I could be wrong though (wouldn't be the 100th time).

I'm no criminal defense attorney (though I might be), but it seems like if you want to really have zero chance of fighting off charges...install a dash cam!! Real smart guys.
I *am* a criminal defense attorney, and I can affirm that the dash cam is a real stupid move.

But hey, people who commit crimes tend to be stupid. (No offense to any felons here.)
Well now, watch it Sachi, your clients MIGHT be reading this... ;-)
Ho-hum. Yet another "Hey you mofo's look how f'n good a bika' ima can be Yo!" movie.

Stupid Hurts.
Apparently it doesn't hurt enough.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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