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The 20,000 Miles in 20 Days Challenge

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you're all sleeping ....
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"Nick carries nothing with him. No change of Clothes, No food, No Camelbacks, No toiletries and No First Aid." This crosses the line from a challenge to being just plain dumb. What next? Stay tuned for MotoChallenge 2006 where he'll do it naked and blindfolded!!
Arm chaps and a SneakyLeaker is all that is required!
I plan to run a darning needle through my eye. If all goes well, next year I plan to run a knitting needle through my nut sack and hang upside down by it for three days. Go Nick!
The mind boggles: a steaming mound of vindaloo for lunch washed down with lukewarm coconut milk while it is 120F outside and the monsoons looming.

And I thougt my SE USA was hot & humid.

Better Nick than me! Book to follow in Whitehorse catalog.
Having ridden motorcycles a bit in SE Asia in the summer I can only say I hope he's wearing mesh gear. And that he'll be able to go fast enough for it to matter.
One Steaming Mound...

Begets another!
Is this the guy who rides his liter bike off road? I think I saw him on tv explaining how it was better not to have knobbies in the mud.
It's the knobbies in his head that I wonder about.
But only after going to the gym on his Connie!
Nick Sanders Is An Inspiration To Us All!

What is most impressive is not that Nick is going to travel 1000 miles a day for 20 days, or that he's going to do it on some of the most-primitive roads in the world; what is most impressive is that Nick has been blind from birth, has the mental age of a 3-year-old, is a quadriplegic, and is dying from AIDS.

We should all take note of what Nick is doing under these circumstances and reevaluate our lives to see if we are really living up to our potential.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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