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The Age-Hardened Burns: Part I Reader Feedback

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I was kinda shocked at Mitch's comment too. Oh well, I guess now that your gone maybe he figures he needs someone to stir the pot a bit.

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I agree. Whatever happened there, get over it. We don't care. Review some bikes. There are dozens we haven't seen reviewed yet. Do some shootouts. Go on some trips. Measure gas milage. Take some photos. Customize a metric cruiser. Install hard bags. Race a VFR. Tour a GSX-R.

Enough on politics. Enough on Motorcylist.
"...the general population will never accept motorcycles any more than they'll ever agree that skydiving is a wholesome family activity; it just looks too scary from the outside..."

I assume you mean the general population of the US, as in Europe most people are not that unacceptable of motorcycles and -cyclists. The problem seems that in the US, motorcycles are not used for everyday transportation, but for purely recreational purposes, while in Europe the congested roads and limited parking spaces make motorcyclists the smartest road users about. So the general population in Europe tends to view motorcycles and -cyclists more favorably.

Of course, doing a wheelie into oncoming traffic will raise a frown in the Netherlands also...
Re: Soon my subscription will run out.....

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, Rush....
*sigh* another 'liberal media' rant. I wish you ranters would actually point out some EXAMPLES of said 'liberal bias' in current media stories? Huh? Where is it anyway? All I EVER seen these days on Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSN and all the other corporate-owned media outlets is "Showdown Saddam!" "Target: IRAQ!" "God Bless our Troops!" etc etc etc ad fooking nauseum! Come on, WHERE are the QUESTIONERS of AUTHORITY that the media is supposedly full of? Where are the anti-war views, the anti-corporate stances, the supposed 'liberals'? They've been bought by Big Media Inc, is where. The only truly independent media is online, nowdays...sad for this country.
Re: When *intellectuals* smoke too much pot...

Although you "would like to think" that this statement means that we "should keep each other's well being in ming", your quote directly contradicts your feeling.

And FOR THE SUPPORT OF THIS DECLARATION,.........we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

This means that insofar as upholding this declaration of our freedom and liberty is concerned, they pledged to fight and defend one another in the course of upholding it. Each other's "well being"? They may have thought of it within their own personal relationships, but the Declaration doesn't mention it. It is only concerned about securing freedom from tyranny. It does not mention altruism other than pledging your life to the selfish cause of personal freedom.
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Re: When *intellectuals* smoke too much pot...

1.) Certainly.

2.) No apology is really necessary though I do appreciate the gesture... In writing, I'll admit the true intent of this type of message is sometimes ambiguous as I feel was the case here. In the end, there are as many interpretations as there are readers. Aren't we motorcycle folk just the nicest people? Bygones.

3.) I thought so as well, I'm glad you did too.

4.) Your best point and I feel it is here that millions of arguments have arisen since I feel the Declaration is paradoxical in the sense that it basically says, "Don't tread on me, but if someone treads on you, it is my OBLIGATION to help you kick there ass."

5.) Perhaps not complete disregard as we send billions of foreign aid to all of these countries... Saudi Arabia is a big one. Not everybody in the world deserves a subscription to MO, but food, yes. I am also going to respectfully disagree in that I feel it was blind faith in ideas that brought us here... Simple abstractions of god, good, and evil... There is nothing more powerful than an idea.

Again, no worries, and next time I'd defend your right to tell me I'm full of sh*t all over again... Or anybody else for that matter... As you said, it is a *mostly* free country... Peace, sc
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Re: When *intellectuals* smoke too much pot...

Right on... You have stated it much more eloquently than I could/did... You get three "ataboys!" compliments of me...




Regards, sc
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You're obviously not looking hard enough, or perhaps not at all. Tom Daschle gets nearly as much press time as the President. Pat Buchanan has come out against war with Iraq. Republican congressman Ron Paul is against the war. I have read several conservative columnists reject war with Iraq also.

Furthermore, I don't see Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, or Dan Rather being cheerleaders for George Bush or the war on Iraq. Frankly, they seem quite antagonistic (perhaps rightly so in this case.) Take your blinders off.
it is also true that more educated regions of the country, with a greater population of college graduates and general literacy, tend to vote democrat. that accounts for both coasts. the midwest and south, with less education and literacy, voted for the bush-meister.
Re: Soon my subscription will run out.....

Hey I don't like Boehm's political views or his level of observation but I still subscribe to Motorcyclist. Hey if you can't stand dissent, watch FOX news!
So you say you'll seek out both points of view and, then, complain that any information you find disturbing to you preconceived notions about the world are uncomfortable and should not be forced on you?

Aggressive defence of common beliefs? Like South American Spanish Missionaries, Islamic Extremists, Environmental Extremists, the Spanish Inquisition, Chinese Communists during the cultural revolution, Mormons, Cardinal Law, Abortion Clinic bombers, Cardinal Law, The thought police from "1984', Creationists, etc.................all in the name of what is safe and good and clean.
Why should I or anyone else have to "look hard" to find balanced news coverage (ie not completely conservative, as it is nowdays)? Why isn't it a matter of daily practice in our media to give equal time to alternative views? When a 'liberal' is trotted out to comment, they're either an emasculated geek like Alan Combs and/or immediately get shouted down by the wingnuts. And Tom Dascle getting

'nearly as much' time as Bush? Wonder what networks YOU watch, and he's hardly what anyone could call a 'liberal' now is he? You gotta admit that the pro-war media far drowns out what little dissent there is. Case in point: What happened to the HUGE antiwar protests in NYC, DC and CA on 10/26? Did you see any mention of that in the media, cept for maybe a blurb on page 13 or something? Huh?? Now who's got the blinders on eh?
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Re: Age-Hardened Burns

A bombshell of an editorial piece, Burns.

Funny that I still like you despite your proclivity toward at least occasional runny-nosed liberal geekdom. But I do so admire your no-bullsh*t

approach and passion.
Re: Soon my subscription will run out.....

No I'll be sure to watch the door, and thanks for calling me Rush, Slick-Willy
It is the epitome of arrogance to dismiss the heartland of the country as ignorant, uneducated, and illiterate. To assume that only the ignorant espouse politically and socially conservative philosophies is fatuous and precludes any two-way exchange of ideas. Such is the liberal dogma; if a conservative disagrees with you, simply dismiss him as stupid, and you don't have to address the issues. Why should one waste his time debating ideas when one can avoid it all simply by name-calling.

MO worth the cost more everyday.

I really like the pieces that Burns has been writing. I might not agree. I might not understand. But at least he's not pumping out bull with the purpose of securing a slot at the next Honda Hoot ( aka Bohiem ).

Rail on brother... that 11.95 is the best subscription fee i've paid in my life. And if the rumors are true about Motorcyclist Mag, can you guys please hire Norm?
I have met Mitch Boehm twice. Both times at the race track. Both times it was made clear to me that he is a self-righteous, self-centered egotistical fool. The Rush Limbaugh thing came up there to. Does'nt even have a clue that it is he, that is biased. I guess ignorance is bliss after-all.

I do, however usually enjoy his magazine...

For those among us that don't know cigarette smoking is hazardous to your health, it says right on the pack: WARNING, etc. Maybe for those among us that aren't bright enough to recognise left-leaning reportage and editorializing, or the right-leaning version thereof, every publication should have a waring label. The label would state: WARNING, the staff of the rag you currently are about to peruse is a bunch of conservative ( liberal), lefitst (rightist), Republican ( Democrat), etc writers and you should take whatver they say with a grain of salt. Better yet, now that you know what sort of spin they have applied to everything you are about to read, it is up to you to remove the spin and use your own judgement as to the veracity, correctness and/or truthfullness of what you read.

GREAT idea, huh? AM I a dreamer or what??? At any rate, I hate to hear about people of ANY stripe that have their output, opinions and ability to make a living diminished because of politics. After all, if the other guy's positon is so righteous everyone would naturally flock to them and accept whatever it is that they preach. There would be no need to use one's position in the supervisory chain to influence what those proles beneath them espouse. I guess it is just that when you have such a tenuous postion on whatever it is that matters to you in the first place, you HAVE to worry that someone (anyone) that can make sense and happens to oppose your thinking can just blow you right out of the water.
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