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Re: The AMA - Sucks

I joined the AMA to support motorcycling, and motorcycle racing. The more I hear about the AMA's daily goings-on, the more iastounding it is that the AMA is able to maintain this facade.

The AMA's behaviour at Loudon last weekend, its dealings with Edmondson and Dan Lance (whom they hired as a safety professional, then attempted to banish from AMA events when he pointed out that they were not living up to their obligations to provide safe racing conditions), and the continuing saga of the airfence (where is it?) leave little doubt in my mind that the AMA doesn't give a about racers or racer safety.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to withdraw my membership, but i'm not going to shut up either.

The AMA, and VanDerSlice, can't keep this up in the face of public scrutiny and outcry - so if you care about Eric Bostrom, Nicky Hayden, and all the other racers out there, you owe it to them to go check out the Breaking News section at RoadRacing World and read about their shennanigans:

My favorite is "They don't run the ama, we do, and it's us against them" Vanderslice quote when talking about racers who wanted practice laps before racing on the wet track in Loudon.

If they have this blatant a disregard for the safety of their top pro's, how careful do you think they'll be with your safety at the next amateur AMA event?
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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