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Re: The AMA

I felt like I was in high school detention, I couln't go anywhere and at the end I was punished! I arrived at Loudon at about 10 am and did nothing but eat hamburgers, I was siting next to a bunch of Yates friends or family up in the stands that were doing some serious drinking. If there was a race, there was no possible chance that they would of seen anything past 10 feet, they had fun. But for the rest of us that were there for the racing, the way it ended was bad for everyone. There should not be any power games in PUBLIC between the AMA and the factories. If it is not safe to start or not sensible to start, then the racing should be re-scheduled. I was sitting all the way up in the stands in front of the podium and I could see all the rangling going on, I wanted the racing to start, but only if it was safe or sensible, and after the many hours of trying to dry the track, it looked like bad weather was about to drop in. The AMA said "let the racing begin", the factories said "no way" and the only good that came out was that some local Loudon racers will have a story to tell for the rest of their lives. The one about how they got a podium at an AMA national superbike race.

Bert Schramm

San Diego CA
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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