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Perhaps the points been missed

I would suggest that the point is: motorcycling without safety equipment is in it's self a social response by riders to our cultures obsession with making every aspect of the human condition without risk, pain, social cost, or even emotion.
I can't help but see the '60's picture of a Cowboy after OSHA. He literally can't do his job for all of the safety equipment.
So, in short for many you can't really ride a motorcycle and have the "motorcycle" experience and be 'geared up' for safety. Doing the one negates the actual experience and therefore negates the reason for riding.
Humans keep finding new ways to take risks and get the high associated with that risk. Your Brain chemistry insertion says it all. So the question becomes...Why ask Why?
As for society paying for someone who crashes and can no longer take care of themselves - our "take from the haves and give to the havnots" government has already decided to do that for everyone else. Why point a finger at bikers and say you can't ride as you choose because it may cost society. If I fall down a flight of stairs and can't work or take care of myself any longer society will see that I am taken care of. I could have used the elevator, stayed in and avoided the risk of the stairs, or even have everything delivered. But I risked the stairs.
So in conclusion, unless you require everyone to stay home and never risk a single crash, fall, or what-have-you, life is a risk at some level and always will be. Unless you wish to remove ALL risks don't pick and choose which risks some can and cannot take.
As to the point of logic and safety wear. It's not logical to place oneself on a giant roman candle and get shot into space just to find out what's there, and it sure isn't logical to place oneself in harms way for others that would limit someone else in their personal freedom.
By the way, I always wear full gear and a full face helmet. I hate the pain of skin grafts, and I want to leave a smiling face for the casket.
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