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Well, they could've gotten Bart Munro name right (unless it is some kind of joke that I do not understanf).

And - they have forgotten Mad Max. How dare!

Some other nice moments forgotten too - such as off-road chase with Van Damm on old Triumph in some kind of generally useless action movie I saw recently. But Triumph chase was properly good.

Erm...what about "Hardley Davidson and Cowboy Marlboro"? Thou I do not like Miki as actor or hardtail H-D as bike movie was quite good IMHO. Except shooting Kawasaki that broke down while hardtail amazigly H-D survived equal loads of riding on public roads.

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Awww, what a load. Some of those aren't even motorcycle movies... just movies that have a motorcycle in them. Any list of true Motorcycle Movie Classics must include these:

The Losers. (Bikers attack the VietCong with handlebar mounted machine guns!)

The Born Losers. (first Billy Jack movie)

Chopper Chicks in Zombietown. (just as "good" as it sounds)

Hells Angels on Wheels. (Jack Nicholson's big break.)

Stone Cold. (Lance Henriksen's eulology for William Forsyth as William gets cremated Darth Vader Style on his chopper is a true classic)

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle. (needs no explanation)

CC & Company (Ann-Margaret.. hubba hubba.)

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Long Way Round

Come on all those movies pale in comparission to:

Ewan McGregor And Charley Boorman in

"Long Way Round"

See the site at:

Long Way Round is a documentary detailing the 20,000-mile motorcycle trip Ewan McGregor took around the world with best friend Charley Boorman over 115 days. Their trip took them from London through locales such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, and Canada, to name a few, before ending in New York.

Armed with a cameraman, McGregor and Boorman encounter separation anxiety from their families; a shifty stranger (later revealed to be Mafia) who leads them through winding dark corridors to a posh hotel room; delays at international borders; hosts who offer them animal parts for dinner; injuries, equipment breakdowns, and more.
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