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Aaron Yates and Steve Rapp, and their respective CRT MotoGP entries, have gone fast enough according to IMS that they have qualified for the Indy MotoGP race.

For both it is a milestone. For Yates and company it is a minor victory of sorts.

The GP Motorsports CRT bike is clearly a work in progress, and while you won't be as dazzled by looking at it as you would the RC213 or Ducati GP12, it has qualified for a MotoGP race in its maiden voyage.

Yates hasn't raced in two years. At Daytona, last March, he said he'd only come to the Speedway to try and find his son a motocross support ride. He wasn't entertaining any thoughts of returning to competition, he said, at the time.

The GP Motorsports Suzuki CRT bike looks to have been built fairly on the safe side: it doesn't crackle like a Yoshimura Superbike--or even a Superstock bike for that matter--and the chassis is something perhaps only Alan Cathcart could love in its current iteration. But the bike has been built quickly and obviously has enough chassis and engine to get the job done.

The GP Motorsports team has a good track record at Indy, they were behind the DiSalvo Moto2 effort several years ago. GP Motorsports have put this bike and effort together well in a very short amount of time. Thus the back of the garage--out of public eye--has been decorated in a wonderful 'bomb went off in the toolbox' motif easily recognizable to anyone who has raced motorcycles.

Yates has his old Superbike crewchief, Vic Fasola, and a lot of additional help behind him. He's limping around looking like someone should pinch him just to make sure this is really happening.

Maybe somebody should.

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