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The Dakar is Sold Out

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The cynic in me says they just want more Americans for bait.

Although I would love to see the SCORE trucks out there.
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Yep, they all hates us, but they sho' nuff LOVES our money...
Speed TV execs are perplexed: NASCAR chat vs Dakar. I would love to see more Dakar stuff but...

Speed TV Program/Nielsen rating/households

USGP/MotoGP race telecast: .29 = 186,000 households

NCTS race telecast (Nascar trucks) .74 = 477,000 households

Nascar Live (1:00 PM) .62 398,000 households

Nascar Beyond The Wheel .55 = 353,000 households
Re: Sold Out huh?

Well sh!t, I guess I'll have to wait till next year to wup all them "frenchmen" on my Trophy....
USGP TV coverage would have had better ratings if spectators would have just stayed home. Oh well, I had fun there. Hehe.
Re: Sold Out huh?

They are just mad because Lance Armstrong is gonna unload another can of whuppa$$ in frenchtown.
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