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The Last Bike Week

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Since the world is ending this year...or is it early 2013 when the asteroid hits?



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And if you can't see them can go here instead:

Bike Week 2012 - Stromtrooper Forum : Suzuki V-Strom Motorcycle Forums
We will have to teach you how to post pics someday KMo.

Although, with the world ending and all, it's probably not important.
Can't see them here, and Stromtrooper wants me to register first...
And Triumph finished 2nd in the 200!

Man, that was a race!
I didn't know you had to register on ST to view threads... I'll see about using Googoyle or Piscasso to post some of the photos. There are a few worth a look..especially the full-size version of my new avatar.

The 200 is improving for sure. Then again, they had no where to go but up after the fiascos of the past 2 years! It was a tight race with a great finish, and there were some interesting "sidebar" stories like the ladies on track. We had full access this year, and it was neat to get down to the pit area. I do miss the old days though, when names like Duhamel, Russell, and Miladin were out there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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