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You try to get away with that and see what happens. However, deliver a Super Bowl to Pittsburgh and things may turn in your favor when you break a few laws in the Steel City.
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You know, if that crap happened on the city streets of ATL the bike would be impounded and Ben would have travelled to Grady Hospital's inmate ward. He would have been fined for the helmet and No License and fined somewhere just south of $1000. But he'd have to post bond to get out of jail first. But, hey, he'll be wearing a helmet from now on- right? Sure he will....
Insensitivity training

Bet that ol' lady is glad she was driving an American Car, and not some furrin brand! She'd be getting all sorts of nasty calls!

Another of life's lessons: Sometimes you're the windshield...
Lessons learned - he learned to wear a helmet and she learned to be more attentive?
Full Face Helmet needed

" Roethlisberger underwent seven hours of surgery to repairM broken jaws and other facial bones. Tests showed no brain injuries, although he had a mild concussion; he also lost two teeth and chipped several others." Shoei should give him a full-face helmet....bigdx will have to buy his though.. You think Shoei could run a promo, trade your bigdx beanie in for a Shoe FF helmet and get 20% off
I venture to guess that no one will change what they are doing becasue Rothlisberger is a dummy.

Ben was dumb and all, but jeez, it would be nice if JUST ONE media report would point out that THE DRIVER WAS THE ONE AT FAULT.

The attitude seems to be, "If you're not wearing a helmet, it's open season."

yeah, they seem to be trying to make them equal, since they both had the green light... I guess reporters don't know how to drive either...
well yeah, if there is no left turn yield on green sign hanging by the light than the rules of normal motorist conduct do not apply. ***** man, the lady has lots of valid excuses. like I did not see him. I would hate to be a pedestrian in her path, I don't have 2 60 watt halogen bulbs straped to the front of me. I bet it would read differently if she had hit a person.. Oh and Rothlisburger is a dumbass for not wearing a helmet.
Only licensed motorcyclists are allowed to ride bareheaded in Pennsylvania

I loved part where it said "Only licensed motorcyclists are allowed to ride bareheaded in Pennsylvania".

HELLO!!! WhAT THE HELL??? If he doesn't have a license then he's legally not allowed to ride at all!!
The fact that the other driver was at fault is irrelevant. Ben was not a licenced driver; was riding a Busa which is the furthest thing from a beginners bike; and he should have been wearing a lid as required of all new riders.

Face it. Ben is an ass who screwed up big time and in the process set a bad example to others who look up to him.
How many of you believe he was doing less than 35mph?
Uh, ever heard of carrying a passenger?

They don't have to be licensed, but if they aren't they must wear a helmet.

You are correct though, the way the sentence is written is pretty stupid.
Re: Only licensed motorcyclists are allowed to ride bareheaded in Pennsylvania

what that means is if you have the endorsement, no brain bucket legally required. if you only have the learners permit, you must wear a helmet. we have the same law in ohio.
"The fact that the other driver was at fault is irrelevant"

Um, no, it's not. It's very f***ing relevant.

Since it was the face plant into the concrete AFTER hitting the car that caused the most injuries, I believe it. His injuries were relatively light otherwise.
Since it was illegal for him to be on that bike at all, fault must be at least equal. The car was at fault making a turn, but he was at fault for even being there. And 2 violations, no license AND no legally REQUIRED helmet.
I think he did 35.....all the way into the car. Never touched the brakes and did a face plant into the windshield. I bet he had brain freeze. She turned and he froze. Classic crash scenario.
Seems to be a LOT of damage to the bike, for only a <35mph crash (more like a 35mph Head-On = 35+35).

Especially considering how little the car was damaged. You could clearly see where Ben had struck the car with his face........
Old folks driving

A few years ago coming back from Sturgis I was in a group of riders with my son on the back of my Glide and my wife on her Yamaha Radian behind me. We were on Hiway 2 about 20 miles west of Grand Island. We didn't know the group we has joined as it was just one of those things after leaving a gas station. Anyway, this guy on a Sportster was leading the way and then it was an SUV and then me and then the wife and others. All of a sudden this Jeep Grand Cherokee came flying through the air going the other way but in the ditch to my right at high speed. And the SUV in front of me slowed to a stop and got out all agitated and yelling that the guy on the Sportster was somewhere down the embankment and had crashed because of the Jeep. We found him all crumpled up in the weeds just short of a barb wire fence and he was twitching, bloody and face down with his mouth in the dirt. He was having trouble breathing and looked bad but we flipped him over so he could breath. By devine intervention a couple of nurses just happened to be tooling by and came down and stablelized him and an ambulance was on the way. The Jeep Grand Cherokee shows up and it's this approx 70 year old lady and she had know idea what mayhem she had caused. The ole battleaxe said she had fallen asleep and had finally woken up after she had darn near taken us all out. These old biddies on meds driving puts us all at risk everytime we head out on the road. I assume the guy lived and do know that he was also coming back from Sturgis and was 20 miles from home. The evasive ditching of his bike probably kept him from getting killed head on by that stupid old bag.
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