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The Louis Vuitton Motorcycle.

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I could think of 10 or so awesome bikes I could own for that same kind of money. First Post?
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Outrageous displays of conspicuous consumption such as this remind me of history class back in high School. That is, when we were learning about the decline of great civilizations. (Rome, Greece, Egypt, etc....)

$130K for a completely useless, unrideable motorcycle! But it is in style right now?

OK, I'll shut up. Sorry......
Paging Buzglyd

We're in the wrong business, Buz. Shoulda started building flexyflyer deathtraps for yuppies year ago.


Whoodaeverthunk that so many people would belly up to the bar for those junkers.
I am with you on this one, 100% decline of the west. PERIGEE.
What's with all this Von Dutch [email protected] anyway? I understand he was just a cranky-a$$ pinstriper that nobody could stand when he was alive.

Wait a minute. Now I understand why today's youth worship the guy.
Re: The Louis Vuitton Handbag Motorcycle.

That thing's hideous.

It's made to be thrashed in a North Hollywood vacant lot and bent up all twisty and dirty. Paint it with rattlecan barbeque flat-black afterwards.

Wonder if they'll thrown in a matching VonDutch purse too?
I think I'm going to be ill, Mary J would be fun to ride though....
Re: Bork Bork Bork...

In "Slouching Twords Gamorrah" Bobby Bork calls this "defining deviancy down". Meaning in short that everything once considered deviant will be good, and everything once considered good will be seen as pase' or crazy. Personally I'm looking forward to marrying my cat in the near future after the old lady eats it from too much Brazilian cuisine.

Is there a place to put your little, itty-bitty, designer dog?
Works for me. But, you know, those 'custom' bikes won't look like that after 75,000 miles.
so much hate. How much $$ does Mary have? to her it's just a toy, or is mary a he? maybe she has all kinds of bikes in the shed including serious riders?
I'm with ya jb. Just think how many tweakers will be able to stay up another week because of the income from building this bike.

Trickle down crackanomics.
Re: Bork Bork Bork...

Boy! What some guys will do just to have a little pu$$y!
Please, this thing deserves to be made fun of. Ostentation and vapidity reach new levels every day.

A Louis Vuitton chopper? The irony is almost painful.

Re: Paging Buzglyd

You used to build a chopper when you was po' folk and couldn't afford a Harley.

Now you build a chopper because Harleys are too cheap for you and your buds.
zackly, this is like only example of trickle down econ theory at work. would you rather mary bought 130k of Halliburton?
I once had a pound pup that would ride in a milk box on the back of my kz750. I quickly figured out that the ladies would make a bee line from all directions to get a closer look. "good dog!!"

As for the designer pooches, just tuck your arm through in the loop in the leash and ride!
I was disappointed in the lack of Rich Corinthinan Leather and the lack of decent paint such as FrothFoam Turindigian Indigo with Genuine Processite Highlights.

And Halliburton is so 5 minutes ago.
Re: Bork Bork Bork...

Badda bing....
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