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The Million Can March!

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They're not "ridiculous" prices. As I said in an earlier thread, my 30-mile commute costs an extra buck a day at $3.00 per gallon than at $2.00.

"Ridiculous" is two bucks for a fancy cup of coffee or a buck for a bottle of water.

We're spoiled. If you're pissed about paying more for gas, think of all the money you saved on your $50 DVD player (they were $400 not so long ago), your $40 VCR (they were $500 back in the early '80s), or your $350 25-inch television (check out old Sears catalogs for what those used to cost.)

Or you could just remember that gas was pricier in 1981 when you adjust for inflation. So you want the government to "do something about it"? The last time they interfered with the free market in gas, we had shortages and rationing (basic economics, folks - price controls = scarcity.)

You can make up for the price hikes by doing things like giving up a snack cake one day, fishing under the couch cushions for change the next, checking the washer and dryer the day after that... you know, it's really not that tough to make up the difference.

This *****ing about three bucks a gallon is as annoying as when people gripe about a two-cent increase in the price of a stamp. They're both still good values.
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The time to do something was 2 years ago. W has no energy policy. Record deficits causing dollar devaluation vs Middle Eastern currencies, interest rates increasing, massive borrowing from the Social Security Trust fund. A war that costs millions a day with no end in site.. By the way I am McCain Republican so don't give me the liberal label...To bad the war hero who rode a harley lost.

Enjoy this while you can cause this "boom" is on Uncle Sam's credit card.
"Deficits don't matter"Financial wizard **** Cheney vs "Deficits do matter" Alan Greenspan and 99% of the world's economists

Don't blame me
Actually dude... the state economists of WA and CA are predicting at least $3.50 a gal more likely $4 by the end of the summer on the West Coast
Nothing about increased Indian and Chinese demand. Nothing about Katrina-damaged refineries still offline. Nothing about multiple seasonal and regional reformulations causing refining bottlenecks. Nothing about resources in Arctic wastelands or offshore going untapped. Just the same old formulaic kcrap.

And Social Security trust fund? There's no such thing. It's a direct transfer from workers to retirees. That alone marks you as ignorant.
Oh, well, golly, that's another TWO bucks a day.

Why is it that the same people who crab that we need to use less oil because it's causing global warming, er, cooling, er, climate change, are also crabbing about gas price increases that are reducing consumption? Are you people EVER happy?
Several leading economists are predicting that many posters will just go atomic apeshiat in this thread.
And Social Security trust fund? Yep you are right no trust anymore :)
Sorry had some really good Econ profs at CU! Both conservative and liberal economists agree Ws policy is reckless.
Thanks for making my case stronger.

Yes increased demand from India and China is important. But again W has no energy policy. So this makes my point more important....The Artic drilling is a drop in the bucket... Not a long-term solution. Please don't get personal.. I'm not.
Uh, I only have one question. If all this stuff is responsible for the increased prices, and I should just go and be jolly about it, saying "OH BOY, IT'S LIKE PRICE ADJUSTED 1974!," why are the oil companies posting exorbitant RECORD profits? Hmmm. . .gee, it must be all those factors out of their control. Should have bought Exxon stock. It's amazing how these terrible world conditions always seem to favor Big Oil. And W. And Friends.
In the UK and EU, gas is the equivalent of seven dollars a US gallon.
Before doing this, it would be a good idea to come up with something specific to ask Congress to do.

Although trying to get demand reduced might be a good start, and one action you can take there that I'm sure everyone here can agree on: Get more people to ride motorcycles instead of taking their cars.
I am certain this is not appreciated, but

I am in complete agreement with schiz. Basic economics. No way is the government ever going to fix this problem. We're still paying less for gas than we should be, and certainly a lot less than we will be once we sneak past the peak oil production moment, thus ending a bubble time in human history. Get used to it, friends. And remember the gov't can only make it more expensive, not less.
Gonna drive your SUV to the march Mike, or walk? Gonna carry that empty can the whole way, or buy one when you get there?
Lets start a gas war between Exxon-Mobil and the other oil companies. Boycott Exxon-Mobil until prices come down. Exxon-Mobil is the largest and most profitable oil company, if it can't sell fuel the price will come down and the other companies will follow suit. It is action we can all take.
What would you like the oil companies to do? Go out of business maybe? Everything would be great then, eh? Regulate profits maybe? Price freezing maybe? Those solutions sure worked well in the past. How about buying less/none and then there isn't any crying about how much they make. We are addicted and they are the pushers. Them's the facts.
Don't waste you time, dude. EVERYTHING in the world is Bush's fault. Inflation, crime, war, belly button lint, fires, earthquakes, Courtney Love, Gigli........ everything! None of these problems existed until Bush became President? Don't you remember how perfect the world was - a place of peace and harmony with the GPTB and sportbikers arm-in-arm singing 'kumbaya' together?
They also love China's "one child" policy. Ironically these loons are all radical feminists as well, so how do they resolve the fact that incredible numbers of female babies are killed at birth in China as a result of this policy? The thought processes of such people are mind-boggling.
Seattle. Ain't that where they invented the $4.00 cup of coffee? Yeah they sure should bytch about gas prices. Hell, all those smart Blue Staters didn't want war for oil anyway, so they should have stopped shipping oil there two years ago in my opinion. All this just goes to show how spoiled Americans really are. They drive their 10 mpg SUV's to the Starbucks that they could have walked to, and grab their $4.00 coffee that they could have bought for .99 anywhere else, and then complain about high gas prices to their Blue State buddy, all while driving around talking on the cell phone. Fuc&ing Amazing.
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