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The Million Can March!

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They're not "ridiculous" prices. As I said in an earlier thread, my 30-mile commute costs an extra buck a day at $3.00 per gallon than at $2.00.

"Ridiculous" is two bucks for a fancy cup of coffee or a buck for a bottle of water.

We're spoiled. If you're pissed about paying more for gas, think of all the money you saved on your $50 DVD player (they were $400 not so long ago), your $40 VCR (they were $500 back in the early '80s), or your $350 25-inch television (check out old Sears catalogs for what those used to cost.)

Or you could just remember that gas was pricier in 1981 when you adjust for inflation. So you want the government to "do something about it"? The last time they interfered with the free market in gas, we had shortages and rationing (basic economics, folks - price controls = scarcity.)

You can make up for the price hikes by doing things like giving up a snack cake one day, fishing under the couch cushions for change the next, checking the washer and dryer the day after that... you know, it's really not that tough to make up the difference.

This *****ing about three bucks a gallon is as annoying as when people gripe about a two-cent increase in the price of a stamp. They're both still good values.
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How about we all start driving more fuel efficient cars, and only drive when necessary. I bet that action will do more.
Jesus H!

Once again, I'm in agreement with the forces of evil. I think I feel fine, but something must surely be wrong with me.

Unfortunately, dmorga1, the history of US government is almost completely one of funneling the wealth of the many to the few. Usually there is some nice window dressing to make it sound like robbing the poor is good for good al' Amurikan freedom, or some other lie, but the fact is that our gov't is and has always been just a funnel. In this case, as in many others in recent history, that means the oil companies, and there really is no reason to think applying to one's captors for relief will get it done. All we can do is personally try and wean ourselves, and, my favorite, vote for ANYONE not in office right now. Until we disentangle ALL the connections between money and politics, we are ****ed. End of story. And the most efficient way of achieving this disentanglement is to kick every single incumbent out. Which won't happen, because Americans are too apathetic and refuse to see what's happening in front of them. Next thing you know, we'll probably be dropping nukes on Iran, and the drooling masses will just scream for more blood, rather than seeing their complicity in our national suicide.
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But if nobody bought Exxon's gas, no other company would need to compete - they'd raise their prices instead. And if Exxon couldn't sell their gas at profitable prices to consumers, they'd just sell it to the other gas stations and you'd never know.
What are you guys *****ing about? Think about how accepted motorcycle riders will be when more people start realizing that motorcycles are a viable means of transportation. If the general public was that concerned about gas prices they wouldn't be buying SUV's that get 15 mpg or less. Sure I have a gas guzzling truck myself but I try to only drive it when I need it as a truck.
The gas-guzzling Honda Civic only gets 32 mpg, so I'll have to take the bike (40 mpg) with the gas can strapped to the pillion.
Whether or not gas prices are in line with what they ought to be becomes beside the point to most people if they think they are being gouged. It certainly looks like we are. People don't like being taken advantage of. If somebody is paying 7 bucks a gallon somewhere else, it just means they are being gouged worse, that's all. The problem with a big increase in fuel prices over a short period is that it causes the price of just about everything else to go up. We can say let market forces set the price, but we have a situation where a relatively small group of guys that are already outrageously rich are raking off even more. That angers people at a fundamental level. The question is whether people will get angry enough to cut down the number of daily trips out the driveway. We'll see, but so far the signal people are sending is that prices can go higher and the oil companies are going to see what the traffic can bear.
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I don't actually expect anyone to do anything but continue griping.

The average American will put $100 worth of gas in his Chevy 3500 crew-cab dualie, climb into it (alone) and drive to work.
In the UK and EU, VAT is the equivalent of ~60% of that $7.00/gal.
LOL good comeback.. longride always restorts to personal attacks..
Excellent Post

Excellent Post. You nailed it..
" interest rates increasing"

Interest rates INCREASE while the economy INCREASES. Thusly, if the economy is doing good, interest rates are HIGH. This is FACT. Check into it, you used Greenspan in your example to look smart, but you can't use facts out of context. Yes interest rates are going up, this is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Anyway, lemme see if I get this right, what your saying is: the economy is doing good, we should be concerned. ... ... I'm not sure this makes much sense, but okay, whatever makes you happier. ;)

Re: HEY !!

I already do that I does that mean I win??

I ride my bike almost everywhere too. Know what's even funnier? when I knocked a punch through the plug in my 80dba HD "Touring" mufflers the gas milage went up.....

Loud Pipes Save Gas .......who'd a thunk?
F**K YEAH START THE REVOLUTION....KILL THE RICH.....err, wait a minute....KILL THE ONES THAT ARE RICHER THAN ME.....yeah that's it..

"why are the oil companies posting exorbitant RECORD profits?"

Because they're HUGE companies. Their profit MARGIN is around 10%. Hardly exorbitant for any company.

BTW, the real-estate boom has given millions of ordinary Americans a 50-100% per year profit on their homes the past five years. I don't hear anybody saying that's exorbitant.

BTW, can you define "exorbitant" profits? What's the cut-off margin?
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"arm-in-arm singing 'kumbaya' together?"

"if they think they are being gouged. It certainly looks like we are."

"Gouging" = high demand, low supply. Free Market Economics 101.

"Price controls" = scarcity.

You want $4.00 gas, or $2.00 gas but empty pumps?

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The definition of "rich" is "somebody with more money than me."

EVERY person posting on the Internet is rich by world standards. But some are also spoiled and jealous.
"We'll see, but so far the signal people are sending is that prices can go higher and the oil companies are going to see what the traffic can bear."

Which makes them different from any other company in what way?

And how does that make them different from homeowners who charge what the market will bear, and have been raking in profit margins the past few years that the oil companies can only dream of?
There can be gouging if you have high demand, adequate supply, and a monopoly controlling prices. I don't suggest government price controls, but it would be great if the government enforced its own anti-trust laws. Capitalism works when there is competition. If you think competition isn't being stifled, you are not paying attention.

I said nothing about killing the rich, or even causing them any great discomfort. However, the majority of the rich are not contributing anywhere near what their compensation would indicate. That is also counter to what make capitalism work the way it is supposed to.
LOL. You nailed it.

60K USD puts a person in the top 1% of wage earners world-wide and half the world lives on less than 2 USD a day.
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