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The most cruel motorcycle test, throttle open, run 100 kilometers.
It was tested by a German magazine.
100 kilometers continuous full throttle test!
Speed of 250 km/h when the fuel consumption test, BMW's 15.9 liter, kawasaki, 13.5, 12.4, ducati Honda 13.6 litres, the speed of the test sites in Italy - holy land Nardo circuit. A large oval track, see below. To do is to full throttle, open to the dead. These upgrades guy, Japan, Italy, Germany, will be able to withstand. Think of each ring is full throttle state, a circle of up to 7.8 miles (12.553 kilometers). Such long-term full throttle output extreme durability test is any other motorcycle magazine did not do. Result is very cruel, It "s tough when illusions are shattered by reality.). Some fans will be disappointed. Damage more than one car. Japanese cars is not durable imagined. Honda's durable confirmed, of course.
Routine tests: wheel horsepower output, speed, acceleration, the speed of 250 brake to 0, middle speed again.
BMW S 1000 RR
Kawasaki ZX - 10 r
Augusta MV
Aprilia RSV4
RC8 -r
Ducati 1198 S
Suzuki GSX - R 1000
Honda Fireblade
Yamaha YZF - R1
Horsepower test results:
BMW, the rear wheel net output 187! Taller than the second kawasaki, 18.
In addition, duplex player: ducati and KTM horsepower output with inline four-cylinder opponent a level, and motivation for KTM has higher than Honda and yamaha.
After violent scenes
Suzuki big R scenes, the crash of the connecting rod and the crank case, and made a large hole in the speed of 292 km/h when accidents happen! Rear wheels are covered in oil, driver lucky dodged a bullet!
Cylinder liner ablation of R1
MV Augusta F4 blew a tranny nullify a gearbox
KTM burned a valve (KTM for using super gasoline label below the manufacturer's requirements, burn a valve)
Slightly leah's destroyed the crankshaft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just run four laps (4 full throttle, is 50 kilometers! Isn't it a bit too demanding? Somehow grades have)
Model the measured speed (km/h) 0-250 km/h speed up time to 150-250 midway through speed 250 km/h - 0 braking distance (m)
BMW S1000RR 305 10.6 235 10.6 MV
Agusta F4 297 12 10.5 254
Kawasaki ZX10R 295 11.7 10.4 233
Honda CBR1000RR 289 12.3 9.1 261
Aprilia RSVR 285 13.1 9.4 242
Ducati 1198 s 284 14.3 14.3 284
KTM RC8R 11 260 282 13.5
BMW S1000RR accelerated speed have no said, sharply ahead of rivals.
Kawasaki ZX10R braking effect is best, with just 233 metres from 250 km/h to slow down to 0, Honda and BMW of ABS in the high-speed braking is not imagination of so good.
Honda's midway through the abundance of output speed dominant again, 150-250, second only to BMW.
Only BMW, Honda, kawasaki and ducati in Nardo full throttle down and not hang up
In the BBS caused quite a stir on the matter.
Even more surprising is that these terrible failure. Too crazy. Superbike design is supposed to withstand such abuse, now it seems to be a lot of 4-6 years constantly busy recently squeezing the engine output and the lack of durability. They didn't make the car as sturdy as their predecessors.
Surprised ducati didn't maxed out.
The following this is the version of the 2010 test results, you can talk with the germans do a contrast, although the absolute value is different, but BMW is still nearly 20 more than the second high horsepower
Americans' test data, the BMW 9 seconds will speed up to 250, americans play straight line acceleration or stronger than the germans? Or what other reason?
Pick a reply in the comments, about ducati, also mentioned the BMW original incredible acceleration: ducati not spell power, but falcon this level of torque, combined with lightsome body. The invincible on the accelerated out of the turns.
The acceleration of 0-250 km/h is crazy, level of 10 seconds! My friend told me today to change his abuse of GTR 0-300 as long as 15 seconds, it involves more than 1000 horsepower, $concentrations of engine and reconstruction expense, much less $30000 order transmission. The acceleration of such an original S1000RR can reach to. Oh my god!!!! With less than $20000 in the BMW, who also need to buy a veyron to experience the same acceleration?
Five a motorcycle accident, with four engine fault, broken 1 gear box.
1) the Aprilia RSV4 appears crank fracture failure at the beginning. Analysis of a crankshaft bearings are worn after arrival. Poor factory is smooth. But Aprilia RSV4 fracture is not the first time in a crank.
2) refueling KTM RC8 because no Super Plus gas indicate want around (i.e., 98), and just use the Italian common Super gasoline (equivalent to 95), so cause the engine detonation. Reason is V2 in front of the engine cylinder of a valve is 0.3 mm long, the cylinder is 0.1 mm long, so eventually led to the piston head appear delay
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