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The Museum That Runs

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Any Excelsiors or Hendersons? It's worthy of note that Excelsior was the FIRST motorcycle to achieve 100 mph, and was the originator of the teardrop gas tank, and the originator of the cruiser frame with seat position below the top frame rail. So I guess Harley copied those things from Excelsior!

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Thanks for the article and the link, Steve. I had no idea this place was there. I've ridden by it twice in the last year and never knew. Dammit.

There are some amazing pieces of history here that I would love to see. Many you mentioned but I found another that on it's own has always impressed me and that is the <a href="">1942 Harley XA.<a> I saw one for the first time at the M/C Museum in Sturgis a few years ago and my Wife couldn't understand why I just stood and staired at it for so long.

Seeing these in two dimensions is nice but being able to get not just the three dimensional view but to add that running Crocker, man... cool place!
There is an Exelsior there that if I remember correctly is from around 1913 and was a "Wood Track" (?) Bike. I can't remember exactly but it seems that "Wood Track Bikes" were the flat track bikes of their time.
Hey! Another poorly considered poke at HD. It's nonsense to suggest that Harley copied things from Excelsior (or visa versa) The accepted style and fashion of the times (as well as technological developments) dictates the form of products then as now. Products become design icons because people continue to buy them for many and varied reasons.
He has several one time he restored an old one and duplicated a famous early 30's record setting cross country run.Im trying to remember but it might have been the original record setter.A couple of years ago he had it at the Volusia county swap meet during bike week.Seeing it was only surpassed by having him ride past me on a Crocker!!! he doesnt just start em up,he rides him.ive not seen his museum,but its on my must do list(along with Barber's museum)
Well son of a *****! I was there this past Sunday 10/26/03!

Neat stuff to see, but I am not sure it is worth the 20 bucks you have to pay to get in. I guess it was something to do on a rainly day in the mountains. I don't get too excited about old american motorcycles. If they (the American mtorcycle manufacturers that still exist today) had of stayed on the cutting edge of motorcycling technology that would be a different story. Of course that leaves only one since Indian just went under again and E-H was a pretty ugly downward spiral 4 or 5 years back. However, they embrace the past too much instead of moving into the future.
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