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The Pyrenees - Paradise for Two Wheels

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My Father-In-Law...

Is from that part of Spain, and he recants old stories of how the Moors couldn't invade his home town, because the locals rained boulders down upon them in the high pases. He insists that the Catalans are the only "true" Spainards, due to the lack of Morish blood. Even though he looks like an old Frenchman...

Great story btw.

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not this year...

tried to get there in June.
fell off 10 km away from S. Sebastian, on the marvelous road from Bilbao.
next year I'll be there.

Spanish Picos de Europa are a nice place to a ride, also.

And if you want nice weather, great roads and better cuisine come to Portugal.

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Brilliant move to have a motorbike tour through Europe by train. Thus you avoid the bothersome wind and noise that is often linked with motorcycling. Also its safer, not to mention the savings in gas. Makes perfect sense. We need more articles like this.

- cruiz-euro
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