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The Shame Among Us

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I wonder what will happen if I poke this bear with this sharp stick...
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Excellent commentary

Excellent commentary. Well said.. Loud pipes aren't just limited to cruiser riders some sportbike after market cans are noisy too. I love the sound of my bike reving up as much as the next guy but I wait till I am out in the country to open her up....I have the same stock can that came with her from Japan..
Re: Excellent commentary

And in another 600 miles or so, you will be through your break-in period!
Right on, Fred.

Maybe someone should tell those drag pipe geniuses that open straight pipes reduce horsepower except at the very top end.... a rev range where they never spend any time.

I especially chuckle when I hear the idiots with staight pipes or racing cans going "Bang! Crackle! Pow!" 'cause they're too damm stupid to rejet or remap.
That column is three or four years old, however it applies today just as much if not more. It's not helmet laws that's going to phuck us, it's loud pipes. I don't have and I think most people motorcyclist or not don't have a problem with cans that are a little louder than the federal 80dba stock cans, specially if you keep it down to a reasonable level in town or in the neighborhood, it's open pipes on cruisers and race cans on sportbikes that ***** everyone off. I think Harley is on the right track by discontinuing the Screamin' Eagle cans and I think the other aftermarket companies should follow suit and put some more effective baffeling in their products.

The fact is it's their business survival that's at stake, it's already illegal to tamper with intake and exhaust systems, it's just not enforced. Sooner or later some pencil neck at city hall is going to figure out how much money is to be made on tickets for modified exhausts and officer friendly is going to have a field day writing tickets.
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At 33, I'd have to say I agree entirely. Not sure I would have when I was 23, though.

Just put a Muzzy on my baby Ninja. I actually sent it back to Muzzy to have the quiet baffles welded in. The tech tried to discourage me, saying it was only a reduction of 3 db, and it would cost $65. I found it interesting that it costs extra to reduce the noise....
Re: Excellent commentary

Just past 25,000 miles on Sunday's 60 mile blast.
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You loud-pipers need to do the rest of the world a favor and get some therapy to resolve your my-momma-didn't-pay-me-no-attention issues.
Quick Question. I bought my bike about 1 year ago (first bike didn't know much about mechanics) and found that the baffles have been modified on the stock pipes after a closer inspection. Anyone know where to get some replacements without having to buy a whole new set of stock pipes. 750 nighthawk 1998.

Re: Excellent commentary

Are you renting it out now?
60 miles!

How many times did you stop and rest?
Apparently my parents got comments from the neighbors in the '70s when I'd come home at 2:30 after the swing-shift at a welding shop on my Triumph with shorty Bates pipes. So, I can't say I'm innocent of such behavior.

But, this problem will take care of itself. And those of us who care most about this sport will have some of our freedoms restricted because of a few idiots. If the children can't place nice with their toys then their toys will be taken from them.
I've had aftermarket pipes on 10 or so bikes and another 10 I left stock.

After spending a long week-end camping about a 1/2 mile off of hwy 49 in Coloma CA I can tell you loud pipes suck. It wasn't one bike in the distance, it was 8 bikes at a time every 10-30 minutes, all day.

I never really realized how the residents of these towns feel. I used to think, you can deal with one sportbike guy riding by your house on Sunday. Wrong! They listen to it all day.

BTW, you couldn't hear the trucks or cars, just the bikes, kind of a deep twin sound.
It's the quality of the sound man, not the volume. Don't know why people can get that straight. Listen to a big street ducati - such a beautiful sound. Wouldn't ***** anyone off - but so beautiful.
Harley is also doing a Public Relations campaign to get rid of straight-pipes, and control sound levels, somewhat. It just makes sense for Us riders, not to annoy the rest of humanity, for the sake of a very few, when there is actually nothing really-positive about such loud pipes, except the 'look at me, look at me!' syndrome. I have been at the receiving end of such a creton, when at a restaurant, some fool decided to rev-up their engine at a stop light, and it was so loud, that babies cried, patrons started cursing at him, and a fight almost ensued!
Re: 60 miles!

That's mean Buzz, he fit a month of riding in one day, jeez, let him gloat a little.
You're right. Harley has been heavily promoting street legal sound in Enthusiast magazine and loud pipes are no longer offered in the performance catalog.
Kent is a great little town in Northwest Connecticut that attracts quite a few motorcyclists on Sunday mornings. Like all small towns in Connecticut, Kent has a white clapboard church on Main Street, right at the intersection of two great motorcycle roads. Nowadays, the racket from the straight pipes & race cans crowd is so loud that the parishioners can’t worship their God in the way they’ve been doing it for the last 250 years.

Think it makes them cranky? Would you get cranky if someone ruined your Sunday morning worship service at the Cathedral of the Perfect Apex? Darn right you would!

Now the good citizens of Kent are trying to figure out how to ban motorcycles from their streets. They’ve had a few false starts, but it’s a wealthy town infested with a lot of NYC lawyers and bored housewives with lots of time on their hands, so it’s only a matter of time before they find a away to get what they want.

Think they’re the only town on that track? Not likely. And once any town anywhere comes up with a "solution" that stands up to legal challenge, it’s time to bend over and kiss your M/C arse goodbye.

Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us, poseurs!

(By the way, you're really gonna' look stupid wearing fingerless gloves and assless chaps pursuing the next fad that catches your fancy.)

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to insinuate that children are the main culprits is crazy i hear 10 times as many harleys/cruisers with the damn straight pipes then i do the sport bikes. now tell me this how many "children" can afford these 20000 dollar chromed out noise makers its the 40 something crowd thats buying harleys for their first ride and all they do is milk their bankrolls into it
Not their fault. Deaf from no helmet or earplugs. they are victims also, of rapacious capitalists that peddle loud pipes.
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