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The Shame Among Us

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I wonder what will happen if I poke this bear with this sharp stick...
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Where are the cops and why aren't they enforcing the existing noise abatement laws on a per case basis? Like so many other quality of life issues today the existing traffic anti-noise codes are not being enforced, which may eventually lead, as well, to wholesale punishment of those who are not in violation at all, thru outright bans or whatever. Even the military abandoned group punishment back in the '60s (known then as Company punishment), recognizing that it was fundamentally unConstitutional and counter-productive to good order. We've got hundreds of thousands of cops across the country. Again, where are they? What are they doing? Isn't their primary venue still essentially traffic control? Guess they're otherwise occupied or unable to see or hear the offenders. Bizarre! Never had this problem when I was on the job.
1 - 1 of 261 Posts
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