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The Shame Among Us

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I wonder what will happen if I poke this bear with this sharp stick...
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Can't help it, gotta chime in here: So is Fred too good for us now that he's eating in a nice restaurant? Are these bikers not allowed to enjoy the same beautiful day? That's the feel I'm getting from his down-the-nose slanted article - "Oh, the injustice of it all!" - Get used to it! There are plenty of injustices to pick from, there are plenty of unenforced laws to pick from, but what does Fred whine about? Less than one minute of distraction.

For the record, I agree that loud pipes are stupid and don't save anything, and the worst offenders of noise restrictions will eventually hurt all of us - but hey, we knew that before Fred dialed 1-800-922-2224.
Comparing a poke in the eye with a loud noise is pretty asinine. What if the loud distraction was from a diesel semi clattering away at least as loud as any short pipe V-twin? Those diners are just as annoyed and distracted, but that trucker was just doing his job - nobody's going to stop that.
1 - 2 of 261 Posts
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