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The Shame Among Us

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I wonder what will happen if I poke this bear with this sharp stick...
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Well, I do like sound of my Superhawk with Arrows (kinda very much Ducati-like) but I am getting impression that my bike is just half as loud as average straight pipe HD.

There is something else I spotted - I never understood guys on straight pipes HDs and other cruisers blipping trottle at traffic lights and "giving it all" off lights. This is one thing that goes to 99% of HD owners. No offence, but it always leaves me with impression that their bikes not in order and will stall if they will keep it at idle or get off lights at low rpm.

I also never understood twisting wrist too much in towns - in Europe sound level is limited by law, so we all risking it with race pipes and this is not nice to draw in more attention from cops.

Actually, typical custom straighpiper noise is so bad that on one of charity rides I remember even bikers were stopping next to few idiots on some "customs" asking them to go to back of line cos everybody behind those loud guys been pissed off (including me).

I just do not see point in producing so much sound without corresponding bhp and mph.

Now about image - IMHO as Fred was affected by that situation for sake of motorcyclist image he should have walked to guys at traffic lights and politely tell them that they can at least stop opening it up until out of town center. That would stop people in restaurant going on about "SUV vs. biker" etc.
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