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The Shame Among Us

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I wonder what will happen if I poke this bear with this sharp stick...
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SEE!!! Here we are agreeing already (if you read my last response to you 6-20-06). I had one next to my car about 11 years ago and you could see my coffee vibrating and forming ripples. I was getting a headache due to a long light.

I believe it still states in owner's manuals that it is a federal offense to change pipes with a $10,000 fine
Re: Oh, we agree on some things.

Actually I use REI and like them a lot. I have sleeping bags from them, a tent, etc. Also mountain biking equipment. Here we get fresh ground from the mountains. A company called Doi Chang Coffee (Elephant Hill coffee) and it's GREAT. Kind of like some of the hawaiian coffees. Or a slightly richer colombian. And this will amaze you. I HAVE an REI coffee cup. My nieces got it for me. And I go to the mountains in my friends XC70 Cross Country Volvo. Great car. LOVE the seats.

Ya see Fenton, I can be arrogant. I admit that. But, as I keep saying. Take it to the basics. Great schools for out kids. Care for our elderly. Accountability in govt. Then it ALL gets better for EVERYBODY!!! And also holding our media's feet to the fire about accuracy. Who owns 99% of media? Republicans. And I do not care what party you are. Our govt. doen't give a damn about the little guy. Or even the middle guy. We don't write those fat $100,000 checks.
1 - 2 of 261 Posts
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