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The Shame Among Us

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I wonder what will happen if I poke this bear with this sharp stick...
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That would redefine the idea of an exhaust that goes "potato-potato-potato."

Sorry, somebody had to say it.
Yeah, that's the same reason the Marine Corps established the Toys for Tots Foundation. They're just trying to improve their public image. We all know they can't actually care about kids. After all, we wouldn't want someone writing their congressman and getting the Marine Corps outlawed.

Only the members of society that have been annointed by ignorant bigots like yourself actually care about kids, right? A$$
Two things that I hope will change in the very near future: guys will stop using pipes to make their penises seem bigger, and will get a web designer who knows how to design a website.
Or....hit this hornet's nest with that same stick!

Call it our "Pinata of pain"!
I couldn't agree more. I ride a valkyrie with stock exhausts and just love the sound of......nothing, when I go down a long grade with the throttle off. I also have a vfr with a vance and hines that is not loud, but just alters the sound a bit to be more of a growl.

Back in my youth ( 1966) I had a triumph chopper that was so loud I put cotten in my ears to ride. I lived in a very nice area with big old apartments set back from the street and back garages. Every morning I would roll the bike out to the street to start it up , get it rolling, and idle away until I got to a commercial area. No one asked me to do this, I just felt it was right. More than one neighbor came up to me that summer to thank me for not waking up their babies. I never opened it up until I was out on the freeway. It is possible to have loud pipes and not disturb people, but I still think loud pipes are foolish and those who have them seem to think that it gives them some kind of bad outlaw image. I was only 21 when I did most of my stupid things, not all, just most, but I did grow up eventually. Unfortunately, some folks never grow up, they only grow old.
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What's wrong with MO?

We all like it here.
Re: The Blame Among Us

Good post and good idea, Don. But as a former resident of Capistrano, I HAVE to point out that it's "swallows," not "sparrows." ;)

I'll happily keep my Hindle race system and continue to savour the delicious growl my SV makes as it rips across the countryside, whether a bunch of cranky touring riders like it or not. I short shift in town out of respect to people on the street, but I'll be damned if I'm going to give up the sound of an unbaffled V-twin. Cal me a squid, call me irresponsible, call me whatever you want. I much prefer that my bike does NOT sound like a sewing machine, and there are a hell of a lot of riders who would stand behind me on that.
To the human ear, a lessening of 10db is perceived as half as loud. By contrast a lessening of 3db is only a slight perceived change. Hearing is on a logorithmic scale instead of linear. This enables our hearing to have a wider dynamic range such as a flute playing softly compared to having an entire orchestra playing loudly.
I'll bet you could make a bundle selling them in Meh-Hi-Co, no pesky intrusive enviromental laws there and a culture that values the manly displays that loud pipes exemplify...

Re: What is the Legal Limit?

"you can make a bike sound really good without going beyond the legal, allowable limits."

What is that limit? Is there a db limit? Under what conditions? Not saying it don't exist, I just don't know what it is. If anyone knows, can you back it up with some type of proof?

Americans need to get a grip and start prioritizing what are really the important issues... The US economy is in the toilet, good jobs are being outsourced to other countries every day, new job growth calculated by minimum wage service jobs something no one can support a family on, the country is at war, terrorism lingers around us and we are just waiting for the next event, there's an energy crisis and gas prices keep going up.... Don't give me that line that Europe's gas is >$7/gallon so we should feel lucky because their medical and property taxes are built into that cost too. People discuss passing laws to curve this behavior and this really makes me angry. I call out to our elected officials to keep things in prospective and address the real issues... Second, I think we need to consider how these laws will be enforced. Our police are overburdened with drug activity, guns, robberies, and violence. Because of restrictive budgets there are not enough police on duty to properly protect our family and property. Heck, there are shootings on the news every night. Do I want my local officer issuing tickets for loud pipes when one of my family members is at risk because someone has nothing to lose? Get a freakin' grip and realize as important as this issue may appear because it hits close to home that there is many other things that are just more important. In closing I would like to remind everyone to say a prayer for the troops currently at risk so we can write our petty little articles complaining about such menial topics...
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You could get one of those carbon dioxide cannons and shoot potatos at him as he goes past.....
If you're in LA, I still have the stock pipes from my '95 with original baffles. You're welcome to them if you come and get them.

Another viewpoint

First off, I prefer my bikes quiet. But, with Harleys you get better gas mileage with free flowing exhaust and that is a good thing. I figure if a guy wants to batter his eardrums into deafness then that is his own affair. Sure, the rest of us has to hear it but only for a few seconds usually. Now I notice that a lot of crotch rocket folks like to get on the side against loud pipes even though I notice how loud their custom exhausts are when they run their bikes through the gears at 10K+ rpms. As if that is quiet. And since when does owning a bike that can do over 150 mph save any lives?? Personally I like to see all types of bikes on the roads, cruisers and crotch rockets alike. The more of us the better as far as I'm concerned. Strength in numbers. Let's quit worrying about loud pipes and start enjoying the fact that we can all mount the bike of our choice and have a great time of it.
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Unfortunately, I don't think it will be that specific. The trend will be to ban all bikes in certain areas - then eventually in all areas. Look at smoking laws - same principle. There will be no discretion as to loud or not loud. The public perception is that all motorcycles are loud. The ones that aren't never get noticed. ;-)

The Feds do require a specific decible level at a specific distance, that's why all stock exhaust systems are restricted to 80dba. You'll find it stamped on the exhaust of every new bike.
Re: loud pipes in the country

Why should the loud-pipers be quiet only for the city folks, where ambient noise levels are already high, but get to rev them up loud as they please "while riding on country roads?"

The people who live out in the country, where they thought they could have some peace and quiet, don't matter? It's okay to ruin their Sunday mornings because they don't live packed together?

I find this to be a disturbingly common way of thinking. We'll be quiet in our neighborhood, but when we're out in the country we can be as loud as we want.

Stay in the city!

Loud pipes == target identifiers

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This is nearly identical to using a radar/laser gun - the officer must be trained, the gun must be calibrated, and the location must be appropriate.

Additionally, unlike speed, noise isn't a transient occurence. A LEO can cite the offender and require that the bike be taken to a testing facility (ie inspection) within a certain amount of time to prove compliance.

Personally, I like the idea of "noise check points" similar to sobriety check points used randomly.
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