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The Shame Among Us

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I wonder what will happen if I poke this bear with this sharp stick...
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Re: The Blame Among Us

They don't need meters, all they have to do is look for the EPA 80dba stamp on the pipes. Since it's illigal to tamper with the exhaust, if the stamps not there write them a ticket. The only cost is a flashlight and a mirror on a stick....
I still haven't heard a good arguement for these ridiculously loud pipes. The "pipes save lives" crap is just as stupid as it sounds. "It's a Free Country" is just an excuse to be an idiot. Could someone come up with something better?
Anybody else think that Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper have something to answer for? Personallly, I've never quite bought in to the connection between motorcycling and riding slowly in parades with a strong sense of personal superiority
Maybe this website isn't flash-ed and javascript-ed to the max, but I was just thinking what a nice response this thread was getting anyway. I see a lot of unfamiliar names today - either new users or else we have flushed the quiet lurkers out into the open.

Re: What is the Legal Limit?

80 dba, stamped on the muffler of your stock exhaust
Sorry, Matt has it right.

Decibel Scale

"The threshold of hearing is assigned a sound level of 0 decibels (abbreviated 0 dB); this sound corresponds to an intensity of 1*10-12 W/m2. A sound which is 10 times more intense ( 1*10-11 W/m2) is assigned a sound level of 10 dB."

Logarithmic arithmatic

"If the measured intensity is double or half the standard intensity we have:

Double: N = 10 log(2) = 3.013dB up re. 1mPa

Half: N = 10 log(0.5) = -3.013dB down re. 1mPa "

So a 3dB drop is about half as quiet.

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Re: Another viewpoint

The point is which everyone seems to grasp except you is that if a minority of "bikers" continue blasting joe taxpayer with their loud pipes we won't have the option of mounting the bikes of our choice and having a great time
Re: Loud Pipes Externalize Costs - Tax 'em!

Why should the government get to profit from a cost that's been externalised on me? After all, I'm the one who bears the burden of listening to these idiots.

"You can punch him in the face as much as you like, as long as you pay me a dollar each time."

In Salt Lake City the cops have a couple of db meters and they do give tickets to cars and bikes that are too loud. Isn't cheap either.

Re: 60 miles!

He wants to try out his new broom handle.
Re: Loud Pipes Externalize Costs - Tax 'em!

I mean, don't get me wrong. I think you're on the right track with this talk of externalised costs. I just think your specific proposal has some holes regarding who gets reimbursed for the costs imposed. :)

Dude! Hoe ya like the Bonnie? Do you think it would make a good adventure tourer with a set of aggressive tires?
Do you know at what distance this is measured?
What ticks me off is pipes that are loud at idle, I mean I'm no fan of loud pipes period, but why the hell do they have to be loud while idling? Blipping the throttle is worse, why the hell would you do this, it's like liking the smell of your own farts.

I have to say I recently bought an Aprilia Tuono with crazy loud pipes. I've got aftermarket pipes on my Ducati (with quiet baffle), but the Aprilia is ridiculously loud. It's embarassing to ride. Have new pipe on the way to quiet it down.
Re: Loud Pipes Externalize Costs - Tax 'em!

Furthermore show me the actual cost to fix the problem for the injured party. Earplugs are cheap! Therefor the cost to fix this negative externality is quite low.

Not quite accurate, really. Sure, the mechanical part of the solution is quite cheap. But there's also an opportunity cost involved in being forced to wear earplugs all day to avoid having your hearing mangled by monkeys on noisy bikes.

But I agree, it needs to be solved somehow, before people get so annoyed they start stringing clotheslines across the road when bikes ride past.

Ah, geez, I've already got a first generation Xbox sitting around after recently being supplanted by a 360. Now I've got to get a PS2?

I've invested too much money so I can just play MotoGP, football, hockey, and a military game or two (nothing relaxes better than killing a truckload of Nazis). But I've heard Tourist Trophy is great...and it's kind of tempting.

I've been playing the new MotoGP '06 for the 360 (after a couple of years of the previous editions). I agree that these sims can really help sharpen/polish/maintain cornering skills/line riding on the real bike. I think it did for me,

Re: Illegal as I wanna be

Nothin wrong with being responsible about the noise. The right time and place to open it up doesn't hurt anyone.
I think Cave Creek, AZ, is on the right track. A few years ago they put in a noise ordinance...and they enforce it. Town cops have db meters and use them regularly. To date I haven't heard (or heard of) anyone bragging about beating a ticket. Do riders avoid Cave Creek (i.e., hurting local business)? Not that I've noticed. It's appears popular as ever, but now there's a lot less throttle-blipping, etc.
What??? How dare you question my right to disturb and *****-off everyone around me for a 100 yard radius? I choose my loud pipes and tatoos to be different and be an INDIVIDUAL. Now, I'm off to visit a nice quaint camping area and give the local wildlife some hearing damage and (if I'm lucky) some heart-attacks. This is, of course, after I find a window sticker for my fairing that shows Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) urinating on some equipment that I haven't bought. Hmm..I wonder if they have them pissing on BMW motorcycles...I've heard that they're quiet.

Thanks Fred. It needed to be said. The loud pipe bikes along with the sportbikers who feel they have to turn a crowded interstate into a high speed slalom course never realize that their individual actions are in reality representative of all motorcyclists to a vast majority of the non-motorcyclist community. When we hop on the bike, we are ambassadors for all riders, whether we accept that responsibility or not.
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