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The Shame Among Us

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I wonder what will happen if I poke this bear with this sharp stick...
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I ride Harley Custom and a Kawasaki ZX14 and I have never understood the appeal of big groups of any kind of bikes roaring around. I have always ridden alone and can really enjoy the riding experience fast or slow without having to get on the nerves of anyone. Most people I see wave at me. Little kids point and I can make some noise and the kids giggle and then, off I go. No problem. Maybe the real problems come from groups of week end riders intimidating drivers. We have a problem and I think it's the mob mentallity. Most people are much smarter one on one and more curtious. The bike industry gets our money easier if they sponser big rides full of idiots that all need every bit of equipment the can buy. You need these pipes and this and that blah blah blah. Buy Buy crap that doesn't make the riding experience any better.

I will be the one going the other way and having fun.


"Now my bike (VN800A) at that time had stock exhaust and at freeway speed, the horn is USELESS."

Then get an aftermarket horn, genius. It's the first thing I do with a new bike.
The Fart-noises Amongst Us

I've been calling them "Fartly-Davidsons" for a long time for a good reason.

Who needs a cheap 99 cent whoopie cushion when you can buy a $20k fart-noise-maker?

Permanent Junior High School fun!
Re: Another viewpoint

Quit your whining you lilly livered puassies.
"it's like liking the smell of your own farts"

Okay, but can loud pipes ever be really really funny? (I suppose it all relates to the company you keep
Re: Another viewpoint

Hmm...You must be one of those loud-piped,

harley riding "puassies"
I thought this was an old column too.. did this originally run in MCN?

It is such a fine line between taking too much away and getting it right. I would hope people can learn to make cans that sound good without being excessively loud.

It seems like many new sportbikes with the catalytic converter in a separate "pod" are able to be modified in such a way as to keep the catalytic converter, put on aftermarket muffler(s), and sound good without being stupidly loud. My VFR is like this, and the Triumph 1050 motor is like this too.

The problem going forward seems to be race reps having the cataltytic converter in the race element. Change the muffler, you lost the cat and it's rudimentary baffling, cause the bike to be really really loud.

Or the cruiser... how and wear do you hide an ugly cat on a cruiser. How do you design a performance pipe for a cruiser with the classic look that is not excessively loud. Seems like the answer is a pipe like on the Yamaha Warrior.. which almost everyone seems to say is unforgiveably ugly.

I don't know enough about cruisers but you would hope H-D and others can relaunch a new line of pipes that gives people the performance they want, the "tone" of sound people want, and a manageable level of noise. (IMO the Buell XB9/XB12 motors have an awesome stock exhaust note so it can be done on a V-twin.. but those mufflers would also be unacceptably ugly on a cruiser.)
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Re: What is the Legal Limit?

Ain't got no OEM exhaust, guess it don't apply to me. LOL
Dam straight Fred. You da man. I saw this in MCN a few months ago and nothing has changed yet. Even on the ninja 650 board you have people asking what the loudest pipe is. There are two Harleys with non stock pipes in our neighborhood and my brother and I with our stock pipe ninja and VFR and we are embarassed every time they start their bikes up.
Give the guy a break. The disenfranchised need to blame something other that their own inadequacies.
Re: 60 miles!

You know the word story has the word 'story' in it. Just because there's a story doesn't mean there's a ride. You'll have to ride to Seattle yourself, or Newport Hills, or whatever fancy place he thinks he lives in, go on a ride with him, and prove the reality. Then YOU do a story. Take one for the team.
Yep, all ricers are embarrassed when they hear a real bike start …
Depends on how adventurous.... I have the T100, not the Scrambler so it's strictly a road bike. The Scrambler has longer suspension and an available skid plate so I think that would do fire roads pretty easy. That is if you can put up with a vertical twin Brit without the 360 firing order....(I couldn't)...

The bike's an absolute blast though, just like the old days without all the nonsense..

Here's a link to some comments from the "industry":

From Motorcycle Product News
This is my first ever post, I'm pretty sure I've read everything in this thread. Please forgive me if I break some MO decorum, or if I repeat something someone's already pointed out, but I have a question.

If you have loud pipes because they make you more noticable in traffic, and you get killed because your pipes were so loud that you didn't hear the 16 year old in the Civic with the 3" exhaust and triplane wing, who's too busy watching his in-dash DVD player to pay attention to you, is that irony?

Now, full disclosure, I have an in-dash DVD player in my car and I consider a freer flowing intake and exhaust system pretty much mandatory equipment on any modified automobile. Shoot, I don't even own a bike. My wife got me MSF dirt courses for my birthday last year and we're both taking the beginner street course this fall (she wanted a scooter, I refused to sign off on it until she took an MSF course, so she figured if she's going to take the course she's going to get a motorcycle). What I'm saying is, I'm no expert here, I might even be a bit of a hypocrite (although, "freer flowing" isn't the same as "obnoxious and loud).

However, I've just never been able to reconcile the "loud pipes save lives" rhetoric with the fact that almost every person I know who rides (ESPECIALLY those with loud pipes) either wears earplugs or headphones while riding. So, it's safer for other people to hear YOU, but not for YOU to hear OTHER PEOPLE?

Could someone explain that to me, 'cos, you know, again, I'm new to the whole MC thing and I might be missing something.
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FWIW, when wearing earplugs and riding, it is MUCH easier to hear other vehicles - especially on the highway. In my experience, earplugs filter out high frequencies like wind noise, etc. making it easier to hear lower frequencies like tires and engines. When you get your license, give it a try.
Yet, Iv'e survived 21 years riding with stock pipes somehoe. Sure, Iv'e shared my lane with a few cagers, though less and less the more the years and my experience pile on. A good rider usually has a way out and doesn't rely on loud pipes to save him.
141 - 160 of 261 Posts
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