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The U.N. will Design Your Next Motorcycle

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Hmmm. Interesting. Is this good or bad? Does this mean that the onobtanium bikes sold in Europe and Asia will start showing up here, eventually?

Typically, the AMA is engaging in a little "Chicken Little: squealing on this one to attract attention. While I'm glad that they're around to watch out for things, I'm not convinced that this is a prime concern at the moment. Too many bad things going on in the good 'ol USA as it is.

Black helicopters, anyone?

Pete P.
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My first reaction to this was fear. I tend to shy away from the idea of people outside the US, with their own interests at heart, making decisions for Americans. Especially such highly socialistic ones. I would like to believe that, like most anything, this could actually be good, depending on the methods of implementation. However, my realistic side tells me that chances are good that whatever the EU comes up with will probably be very restrictive in one sense or another. Sure, the first year they might mandate disc brakes for road-going vehicles (maybe not so bad), but the following year you can bet your Keihin's that regulations founded in fear not science, will follow. HP limits, anyone? I can't wait for my 700lb catalyst-equipped 70hp 2003 GSX-R . . .
It's already happened in Canada. We used to get the bikes fully unrestricted... generally just bigger carbs no restriction on the airbox or pipe side too then they harmonized with the US and forced the US restrictions - weenie carbs n stuff - on us. Sigh, we even lost our beloved street two strokes as the market shrunk for rz's.

However we shouldn't worry, 100hp is the most probable restriction... with cats, air bags, leg protectors, mandatory linked braking with abs, shaft drive (no nasty chain lube in the environment) speed limited to 100mph and a mandatory 200mpg with 0 emissions.

We'll all ride R1150's displacing 500cc's

What a lovely future... anyone looking to sell their used '99 unrestricted gsx1300r ;-)

I think you hit the nail on the head, dirtybmxr... I truly fear what they will do to motorcycles. The EU put hp limits on bikes, but not on cars... how right is that? Yes yes, I know that in general, bikes are faster than cars, but the very fastest bikes are not faster than the very fastest cars (well ok, except in acceleration) and there are no limits there... that's definitely a case of fear and not sense being responsible for the rules.

An Elephant: A mouse built to UN specifications.
People around the world are dying from hungar, civil wars, terroists attacks, natural disasters and all these people can think about is how to take the fun out of Motorcycling!

Leave my Gixxer alone and get a life.
this can't be good can the interests of some flip flop salesman in delhi who rides a 5 horsepower royal enfield be represented by the same guy who represents mine????

i REALLY don't like the sound (or smell) of this.
Gotta agree with this ... sure seems like the UN has far more pressing issues on the table.

I'm sure that a homogenized bike will be cheaper if small differences in rules are eliminated, but if they took the most restrictive of every country's rules, our superbikes will more closely resemble scooters.

Guess I'm gonna have to get pretty good with tools ...
Well, thank goodness. Its about time that 100bhp limit was revisited and set in place finally. All these high horsepower bikes really make me mad.
I hope you're joking...
Boy, do you guys miss the point!!!

It's so easy to be fearful of global regulations and relinquishing local control when it's motorcycles, but where were you when the WTO was busy making decisions that effect us every day? Nobody railing against that, and trust me, a lot of stuff the WTO does is definately against the interests of working folks like you and me. So why villify the UN, which is a much more accountable organization than the WTO?

Stop assuming the worst- global trade, economics and government are the wave of the future, good or bad, like it or not. All we can do is accept it and make our voices heard so we have a hand at shaping it.

And that's the good news. As members of the world's largest economy, we 'Mericuns will have a collosal voice in how these regulations take form, especially if we keep buying bikes at the rate we have been over the last 10 years. And as long as we let it be known that we WON'T buy restricted motorcycles with leg protectors, the manufacturers will push hard to kill such regulation. Note that european HP limits are voluntary- for the most part, the consumers in those countries tolerate them.

Think of the advantages of all motorcycles being "world" models. Want a Raptor, Varadero, or RS250? Just order it from your local dealer! Since it's approved for every market, there's no reason why we couldn't have any bike we wanted. Great for production racing, as well.
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Does this mean I'll finally be able to buy Japan-model and British-model bikes in the US? There's a lot out there in the world that I can't get here, especially in the standard/sport-standard market.
Re: Boy, do you guys miss the point!!!

You just don't get it.

"Stop assuming the worst- global trade, economics and government are the wave of the future, good or bad, like it or not. All we can do is accept it..."

I'm a God-fearing, gun-toting American. I also study history, which is why I will fight BS like this all that I can. Perhaps you live in a country where your rights have already been taken from you (Canada, Australia, England, etc), or worse you are an American that is willing to give up the rights that our forefathers paid for in blood. Eitherway, please get to a library and do some reading. It should help with your stupidity problem.
Re: Boy, do you guys miss the point!!!


Stupidity and ignorance are two different things... And I don't think name-calling will help here. Since you suggested that he go to a library, which is where you go to correct ignorance, perhaps what you really meant is "It should help with your ignorance problem", eh?
Re: Boy, do you guys miss the point!!!


Well, I'm a gun toting, motorcyle riding, rally car driving, airplane flying, sail and powerboating Canadian. Exactly which of my rights have been taken away? I don't fear God, but, I'm not sure what that has to do with freedom or lack thereof.

Do some research.

High horsepower - makes me mad too

All those 160 horsepower bikes make me mad to... cuz I only got 'bout 130 ;-)
It may not be that great. Instead of offering you all those great models they may just neuter them down to the standards of the most conservative market.
I just cant believe anybody would think this could be positive.Why oh why are our governments signing agreements allowing the UN,arguably the most politicized,dysfunctional organization in the world(yes,you could make a good case for the WTO)to dictate regulations that could severely affect our freedoms.My paternal grandfather was an "outlaw"in Russia prior to escaping to the US.Since then we have been relatively law abiding.....with the increasing meddling of the government in personal freedoms combined with the abrogation of law making by our government to international organisations,Im afraid my son and grandsons may well be outlas again.

Unfortunately,I dont know if their will be a country for them to escape to

that puts a priority on personal freedom.Maybe Mexico ?!

Re: Boy, do you guys miss the point!!!

Hey there VFRider, gotta agree with my countryman MikeW. I'm riding my little unrestricted (faster and polutes more that an american GSXR of the same year), GSXR, firin' my rather large guns, able to buy two stroke street legal bikes (course no one sells them in NA anymore cuz of the "free US of A" stoopid emissions rules designed for places where you squish a billion people into one wee spot), God fearin', rock climbin (able to bolt any where I please... ooops, that's for a different discussion group!), glacier crawlin, back country skiin' dude who can purchase Big Rock beer!

So there.

Re: Boy, do you guys miss the point!!!

VFR, America wasn't founded to guarantee its citizens rights. It was founded more to insure that a certain few are not taken away. If you really think that, as an American, you have the right to a 160hp bike, you are wrong. The constitution has something called an "implied power" clause, giving our government the right to exercise duties not labeled specifically in the constitution. If Congress deems that 160hp bikes are unsafe in america, and a 100hp limit is imposed, then too bad for you. They did not take away your rights. Maybe you should pay attention to modern law as well as history.
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