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The U.N. will Design Your Next Motorcycle

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Hmmm. Interesting. Is this good or bad? Does this mean that the onobtanium bikes sold in Europe and Asia will start showing up here, eventually?

Typically, the AMA is engaging in a little "Chicken Little: squealing on this one to attract attention. While I'm glad that they're around to watch out for things, I'm not convinced that this is a prime concern at the moment. Too many bad things going on in the good 'ol USA as it is.

Black helicopters, anyone?

Pete P.
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Re: Boy, do you guys miss the point!!!

As a Canadian I have to admit that our American friends are to some extent correct. Gun control IS an intrusion on our rights. If I want a gun to protect my family from intuders it should be my decision - not the Governments'. When it comes to the rights of free speech (we don't have it) and assembly we are also light years behind our American brothers. Sometimes we need to put our pride aside and realize when we need improvements. Witnessing the way protesters in Toronto are treated and the way in which political correctness controls our daily work lives makes me envious of the love of freedom I see south of the border.
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