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The U.N. will Design Your Next Motorcycle

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Hmmm. Interesting. Is this good or bad? Does this mean that the onobtanium bikes sold in Europe and Asia will start showing up here, eventually?

Typically, the AMA is engaging in a little "Chicken Little: squealing on this one to attract attention. While I'm glad that they're around to watch out for things, I'm not convinced that this is a prime concern at the moment. Too many bad things going on in the good 'ol USA as it is.

Black helicopters, anyone?

Pete P.
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No, not global government

Global government is a bad bad thing. It should be fought at all cost. Fortunately, we are still very far from that, regardless of what some people think. Btw, this IS something that affects me every day, since I ride my motorcycle every day. But you're right about the WTO.
I think maybe Holland would be as free as it gets.

Now if only we could send everyone in Utah to an island somewhere and elect Jello Biafra president, we might have a chance.
1 - 2 of 75 Posts
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