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The U.N. will Design Your Next Motorcycle

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Hmmm. Interesting. Is this good or bad? Does this mean that the onobtanium bikes sold in Europe and Asia will start showing up here, eventually?

Typically, the AMA is engaging in a little "Chicken Little: squealing on this one to attract attention. While I'm glad that they're around to watch out for things, I'm not convinced that this is a prime concern at the moment. Too many bad things going on in the good 'ol USA as it is.

Black helicopters, anyone?

Pete P.
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That sounds nice in theory, but in practice it never works like that. Politicians, who are not affected by the rules they make for the rest of us, invariably come up with senseless, feel-good regulations to make themselves look caring and compassionate to voters. Do you really think the regulations are going to be made by motorcycle engineers or anyone who even rides a motorcycle?

Do you want a 100 HP limit on bikes sold here too? Maybe jail time or big fines for modifying your bike? How about government inspectors telling you your handlebars are too high and therefore unsafe? Americans would be best off telling other countries to worry about governing themselves, not America.
1 - 1 of 75 Posts
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