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The U.N. will Design Your Next Motorcycle

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Hmmm. Interesting. Is this good or bad? Does this mean that the onobtanium bikes sold in Europe and Asia will start showing up here, eventually?

Typically, the AMA is engaging in a little "Chicken Little: squealing on this one to attract attention. While I'm glad that they're around to watch out for things, I'm not convinced that this is a prime concern at the moment. Too many bad things going on in the good 'ol USA as it is.

Black helicopters, anyone?

Pete P.
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hey i stay in india, and the most common motorbike here is 100 cc 4 stroke with just u tiny 7.5 bhp.even lawn mowers in the USA are more powerful!!!

so u guys complain about 100bhp limits....u are lucky not u dont live in asia....but this thong looks bad , i mean if u want a 160bhp motorbike and u have money for it, well then the UN should have absolutely no objection.

if u want and can afford a 250 bhp bike ,no problem either, its your money, your life.and why dont they ban Ferrari and Porsche and McLaren ,these cars are 300kph + cars, and as dangerous as any R1, GSX-R1000,CBR929RR FIREBLADE

,ZX-12R or any such superbike....well ban them too!!!!its just a massive conspiracy by old grand-mas who are too chicken too ride such bikes.hope they die a wretched death...for denying riders their share of life.
So, its ok for Americans to make decisions for the rest of the world is it?

God forbid that we should get CA standards and what about American obsession with liability - if anything is going to distroy powerful motorbikes it is that. Why is it that the land of the free has such a poor choice of bikes for sale?

The EU are a bunch of interferring busybodies but they will have a very hard time getting HP restrictions passed, even in the EU. What chance the UN doing the same Worldwide? NONE.
Re: Lowerpower bikes are more dangerous

According to accident statistics in the EU
I worked for the United Nations in New York for over 8 years...and if they go about making desicions for the motorcycling community the same way they make them for the international community, it will take years and years for the language to be agreed upon for one single issue. It's tough getting 180 nations to agree on a WORD

let alone an entire standard.
You're missing my point. I'm not bent on wrapping myself around a tree and letting society pick up the pieces. I'm actually a very cautious rider. I'm just saying that it's not right for any government to dictate which products we should be allowed to purchase in a free market system. It's okay for them to stipulate that reasonable safety devices are available for us to use if we choose, but to arbitrarily pick a speed or horsepower limit and say that, regardless of rider experience or technological advances, the public can't own anything faster or more powerful is wrong. I understand that there are some benefits to establishing global emissions and safety standards. The Manufacturers will only have to conform to one set of standards instead of building different versions of the same model for different markets. The problem is that some countries have far more restrictive safety and performance requirements than the United States and it's likely the U.N. will cater to the lowest common denominator (i.e. most restrictive) when setting the standards. It's also likely that their jurisdiction will grow over time and become even more invasive. The U.N. is a dysfunctional group of politicians who couldn't care less about our rights or desires, as riders and they shouldn't be allowed to control this market. wife actually likes my ischial tuberosities.
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Yeah, they really make me jealous, too. Ban 'em I say. Ban 'em before I buy one. THAT will solve all of my problems!
Re: Quite right....

You might also try the Libertarian party.
The U.N. will RESTRICT Your Next Motorcycle

Let's not forget the zx12R being restricted to only run 300kmh. I don't want someone telling me what to do with my money by eliminating options. I guess the days of 70's and 80's for cars are here today for bikes. Anyone know where we can start stock piling cylinder heads, computers, and good carbs at?
Article Summary

Standardization good. Restriction bad. UN: Brave crusaders for human rights world wide, or puppet of the Illuminati?
this is even funnier cause elephants are afraid of mice! ;)
Actually, ithe second and third world will suffer

It's highly unlikely that the UN is could or would impose performance limits. That's a local jurisdictional thing. This will be about safety (e.g. lighting and brakes), emmissions and fuel standards among other things. The manfacturers can save a fair bit of bucks by producing to single specs rather than many.

People in places like Canada, the USA, Japan and Western Europe actually have more to gain than lose. Since our emmissions and safety standards are already high, we wouldn't be looking at big changes. However, in places where simple carbs and leaded fuel are still the norm, there'll be big changes, and big cost increases.

Our costs might very well go down.

Hey, Jackass!

Wow, I guess this is how educated critical thinkers argue their points- by insulting a perfect stranger's inteligence and patriotism. Which library do you go to? The WWF study room?

First off, I fail to see what either fearing God or toting guns has to do with any of this. All the article was about (you did READ it, right?) was using the UN as an international arbiter of vehicle standards, so manufacturers can simplify regulations and cut costs. Nobody's threatening Zog's gun, so calm down.

I really don't see what "rights" are being threatened, but then again, I'm not nearly as clever (or paranoid) as you, what with my stupidity problem and all.

What are you and your little gun collection going to do about globalization, anyway? Were you protesting the WTO in Quebec city? Do you know anything about the IMF and the world bank? Do you know about international corporations privatizing local utilities in South America and other places? But hey, if the gun magazines don't talk about those things, I guess they're not concerns.

"Fight BS like this all I can." What a joke. Please tell us all about your one-man struggle against globalization, you are clearly a great leader and patriot, ready to spill your blood at the tiniest threat to your valued (but mysterious) "Liberties."

BTW, I fought as a combat infantryman in the Persian Gulf, defending your "right" to cheap gas. Did you?

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Hold on a sec there....

Before we join hands and break into "we are the world", let's ask ourselves how control of commerce from a small, unelected, global consortium is good for us.

We see the worst in this because we know that underlying all the one-world talk is the unescapable conclusion that we surrender our sovreignity. These are the same people that are pushing for world-wide gun registration. These is the same orginization that vilifies the U.S. for fanciful environmental destruction fabrications such as global warming, and then seeks unconstitutional control over U.S. citizens and property to cure the alleged "crisis".

By the way, how exactly do european citizens "tolerate" HP limits? What exactly will they do if they decide not to "tolerate" them anymore? Boycott new motorcycle purchases? Given that the limit is currently at 100HP, that is not a very palatable option for someone with a 1992 katana 600. However, new that they've set the limit at 100, kibbles to bits says that 90HP will be the next step. Socialistic societal engineering is always easier when done in slow motion---i.e. liberalism.
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Re: Hold on a sec there....

Or maybe they'll allow the insurance companies to discriminate against us by refusing to honor medical claims incurred while riding a motorcycle. Oh wait, they've already done that.

VFR rider may not be well versed in the finer points of debate concerning the WTO, world bank, NAFTA, or what have you, but I understand his point. Quite frankly, I can't understand how, given your service in the Gulf and your vehemence towards those other organizations, you are so willing to prostrate yourself before the brain wizards at the United Nations. Nowhere in the Constitution exists the clause that allows the United States government to enter into any agreement that is at odds with other areas of the constitution. Nowhere in the constitution is there a clause that would give the fed control over the design and production of motorcycles, therefore no outside orginization has the authority to impose such standards on us either.
Re: Hold on a sec there....

Of course, that's a the private sector...

Re: Quite right....

Well put! I am sick of this country trying to bend to the wills of the collective Euro-trash mentality that thinks they know better than we what's good for us. It's the same thing the government tries to perpetrate on the public on a daily basis.

The only consolation is the fact that the U.N. is so full of s**t, they'll most certainly never reach a consensus on the "standards".
Re: Hold on a sec there....

Nope... our lovely congress passed a bill which allowed them that discrimination.
In this particular case....

I think insurance companies should be allowed to implement any policies they like without government restriction. If they don't want to take on the risk of insuring a motorcyclist, fine. Some other company will. You need to know this up front, of course, and buy a policy accordingly. I am not familiar with the legislation that you refer to. If it is a law that allows an insurance company to breech their civil contract with a customer provided that the customer was riding a motorcycle, then of course the Congress overstepped their bounds. If that is true, then every civil contract has effectively been declared null and void by the federal legislature. The supreme court would love like to get their hands on a case disputing that notion, I'll bet.
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