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The U.N. will Design Your Next Motorcycle

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Hmmm. Interesting. Is this good or bad? Does this mean that the onobtanium bikes sold in Europe and Asia will start showing up here, eventually?

Typically, the AMA is engaging in a little "Chicken Little: squealing on this one to attract attention. While I'm glad that they're around to watch out for things, I'm not convinced that this is a prime concern at the moment. Too many bad things going on in the good 'ol USA as it is.

Black helicopters, anyone?

Pete P.
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Re: Hold on a sec there....


WHat was done was to LIFT a GOVERNMENT RESTRICTION on the insurance companies. You can't have it both ways - if you want free enterprise, then an insurancer company has the right to assign risk and rates any damn way it pleases.

Re: Boy, do you guys miss the point!!!

As a Canadian I have to admit that our American friends are to some extent correct. Gun control IS an intrusion on our rights. If I want a gun to protect my family from intuders it should be my decision - not the Governments'. When it comes to the rights of free speech (we don't have it) and assembly we are also light years behind our American brothers. Sometimes we need to put our pride aside and realize when we need improvements. Witnessing the way protesters in Toronto are treated and the way in which political correctness controls our daily work lives makes me envious of the love of freedom I see south of the border.
No, not global government

Global government is a bad bad thing. It should be fought at all cost. Fortunately, we are still very far from that, regardless of what some people think. Btw, this IS something that affects me every day, since I ride my motorcycle every day. But you're right about the WTO.
I think maybe Holland would be as free as it gets.

Now if only we could send everyone in Utah to an island somewhere and elect Jello Biafra president, we might have a chance.
Re: Touche

Man, ya'll read a lot into what I post. All of a sudden I'm Mr. UN? All I said was that if you rank the sinister-ness of all the international organizations, the UN would be pretty far down the list.

As far as your list of grievences, well, those are your opinions. And as far as your rejection of the commerce clause, well, the emperor has no clothes. There's case law supporting federal regulation of interstate commerce going back a long time- even before that evil usurper FDR. So stop presenting your (bizzare and fringe-belief)opinions as fact.

And how does my service in the gulf make me less willing to "prostrate" myself before the UN? Tim McVeigh aside, all us veterans are not murderous wing-nut loonies filled with paranoia. I'm a thinking member of a democracy, and my opinions are just as valuable as anybodies, and I won't lock-step to the corporate controlled media.

If you truly think the UN has enslaved our country and desires only world domination, you need to stop watching James Bond movies. This si the real world, a world with 6 billion hungry, teeming souls, all people who feel their lives and needs are just as important as yours. global organizations are inevitable and neccessary if we ever want to evolve past the point we are in now.

If we isolate ourselves, we run the risk of becoming a staganant, backward culture. Anthropologists will tell you that the result of geographic isolation is to revert a culture to impoverished savegery. We have to participate in world government and make sure it is a just, democratic, and accountable institution.

If you can't fight it, (and trust me, you can't.) you have to make it work for you. It's up to us. We can either stockpile 5.56 ammo and canned goods, or we can act like responsible, informed citizens. The choice is ours.
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Re: Hey, Jackass!

"BTW, I fought as a combat infantryman in the Persian Gulf, defending your "right" to cheap gas. Did you? "

Matter of fact I did. Aboard the USS Independance, providing air support so you could play in the sand without getting shot at. Go Navy!

PS. That D*ckhead comment hurt real bad.
Re: Boy, do you guys miss the point!!!


There's no doubt that the US has brought forward some very good ideas, and I would welcome greater (we do in fact have some) protection of free speech in Canada, as as well as stronger protection of property rights. Absolutely, all citizens of all countries need to practice a little hulmility. Neither Canada, not the United States has a monopoly on freedom or national virtue. A last word on the gun thing - you can own a gun, and until the recent bill, Canadian gun control was actually less stringent than in many US states.

When you can't beat 'em, join 'em....


"We are the world, we are the children....."

All the judicial activist, impeachable commerce clause rulings in the world don't change the fact that imposing national (or world, for that matter) standards on motorcycles has nothing to do with the act of transporting and selling them. This is simply another case of the judiciary usurping the freedom of the people via some mystical concept in the "commerce" clause. Once again, Madison will tell you in the Federalist Papers that these clauses DO NOT give the fed unlimited power over everything. Think back to logic 101: that would negate the rest of the constitution.

You make no legitimate argument for relinquishing control of our sovereignity to a global orginization. "Evolve past where we are now"? That's a highly vague, undefinable concept at best. Let's look at where the globalisation we have participated in has gotten us so far: less freedom. Maybe you don't want to be free. Fine. Whatever. Freedom, however, is the most cherished concept and principle in this country. More important than ANYTHING. More important than health care, education, welfare, feeding starving children, the environment, ANYTHING. What is life without freedom? Give me liberty, or give me death!
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Why are you so bent on assuring us that globalisation is an unstoppable force? Have you been reading the Bible or something? (FYI... I agree that it will happen, but that doesn't relieve me of my responsibility to fight it.)
Re: Hold on a sec there....

Darn right they have the right to do that. I don't dispute that. What I DO dispute is that they have the right to refuse the claim of one of their clients who was injured, merely because he/she was on a motorcycle, without notification in advance that they will not honor claims for injuries incurred while on a motorcycle. But if they arbitrarily refuse the claim based on their chosen mode of transportation without notification, that's rank discrimination. Where does it end? Do you know what the two most dangerous occupations in the US are? The ones most likely to get you killed? They're not motorcycle racer or cop... They're convenience store clerk and cab driver. How soon until the insurance companies decide that if you get shot while driving a cab or working at 7-11 that they don't have to honor THOSE claims? I realize that this sounds alarmist, but I believe that we need to think about these things.
Re: Woodrow is back

Again, nobody really reads my posts. How sad.

When one country takes it on itself to mold the word to it's image, that's imperialism. We've been practising that in various hemispheres for about 160 years. I don't advocate that at all.

Like I said, since world organizations are inevitable, we have to spend our energy making sure they are democratic and accountable, rather than pretending we can "fight" them.

A lot of people tell me they are against the UN, but nobody says what to do about it. We haven't paid our dues for years, and aside from declaring war on the UN, what more can you do?
Nice sentiment. I'll give you $1 for it.

Well, it's too bad Madison isn't on the supreme court,

huh? He'd set us straight!

Unfortunately for him, he's doing what Beethoven is

doing right now- decomposing! He has no say in how we

run our modern world.

What you want is to kneel before a small cabal of men

long since turned to dust. Ordinary guys, no smarter

than you and me, who happened to write a good (but not

perfect) that still works, somewhat.

So we should supine ourselves before this

patriarchical clatch, and ignore the needs and desires

of millions of people for justice, equality and


I don't go for your strict interpretation arguments

because they are used by neo-conservatives to strip

the people of the only power they have- the right to

use government to foster equality and justice for

everybody, not just a priveliged minority. If we

elevate the Constitution to some kind of holy

, we place our trust in the hands of corpses

and turn our backs on the great achivemnts made last

century by thousands of activists, like Mother Jones,

Susan B. Anthony, Thurgood Marshall, Malcolm X, Martin

Luther King jr., and many others.

And I don't see how the Commerce Clause "usurps the

freedom of the people" by regulating interstate

commerce. As decided by many a Supreme Court

decision, "Commerce" starts and ends way outside the

process of transporting it somewhere. It includes

manufacture, distribution, raw materials, and

sometimes even usage.

As far as freedom goes, I agree with you. But we can

have all of those things and still be free. We just

need a voice in globalization, so why don't

conservatives protest the WTO and the world bank? Why

is it all about the UN? We actually don't live under

UN rule, but the WTO CAN and will tell local

governments what to do. That's scary. I guess the UN

could get out of hand, but I have to prioritize. I

fear the WTO, and you should too.
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Hey, I'm not arguing with you there.....

I've no love for the WTO either. They can suck on the same rotten egg as the U.N. (although they're not the ones telling our troops what to do and where to do it, that would be the U.N.)

In regards to the constitution, you present the same tired argument that every liberal does: the Constitution is only written for white people. That is patent B.S. Nowhere is it written in the Constitution that "these truths are self-evident, and only pertain to white people". Millions of succesful black, hispanic, and especially asian people can testify to that. (Funny how asians never complained about their civil rights. They just came over, pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and started slamming and jamming.)

What you are really saying is that the constitution doesn't benefit them because it doesn't say that you can take money from rich white people and give it to those that aren't both rich and white. Just as it shouldn't. Government-sanctioned stealing is still stealing. Taking my money and giving it to someone else is theft, and it reduces my freedom. Those are socialistic ideas, and entirely incompatible with freedom. If I am forced to give the fruits of my labor to someone else, I am a slave.

Unfortunately for those concerned about freedom, the government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul. Thus the cycle continues.
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Re: Boy, do you guys miss the point!!!

Gabe, pay attention to what you just said:

1) Americans will have a huge voice in making these decisions.

2) We will be able to buy bikes not approved by the US govt if we homogenize.

How do you figure that if we are already rejecting (for example) 2 strokes, and we create an international standard that we largely dictate, we would change outr minds and allow the oil-burners? If anything, it's the rest of the world that should worry that their RS250's don't meet USDOT regs . . .
That sounds nice in theory, but in practice it never works like that. Politicians, who are not affected by the rules they make for the rest of us, invariably come up with senseless, feel-good regulations to make themselves look caring and compassionate to voters. Do you really think the regulations are going to be made by motorcycle engineers or anyone who even rides a motorcycle?

Do you want a 100 HP limit on bikes sold here too? Maybe jail time or big fines for modifying your bike? How about government inspectors telling you your handlebars are too high and therefore unsafe? Americans would be best off telling other countries to worry about governing themselves, not America.
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