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The Unkindest Cut

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I reckon Hackfu looks a bit like Steve McQueen in "On Any Sunday." And don't worry about the guy telling you to zip up your leathers, JB, he's just jealous.

BTW, any ZZ-R1200 test in the pipeline?
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Hey Burns, I got your goat didn't I, kewl!. Remember, if I didn't like you I wouldn't talk to you.
If it makes you feel any better John, my wife thinks you are the most beautiful man she's laid eyes since Miguel duHamel was a youngster. I can't say I understand how she came to such a conclusion, but I have to defer to her judgment. She knows about these sorts of things.

I think we have some awfully insensitive people in our subscriber base. Show some sensitivity, guys. Johnnie is obviously wearing a hairpiece. Nothing but pure polyester could look that "finished" after removing a helmet. So, come on, MO owners, give John enough bucks so he can buy a hairpiece that doesn't look like it was made in the 50s.

Vlad, the almost bald
Re: It's good to have you guys back!

I know your allowed to have time off but us office dwellers ( at least me) counts on you guys to break up the daily grind. I look forward to your reviews, comparisons etc. So while I am sitting in my office (at this point trying to figure out a $23K American Express bill) your out riding and reviewing the bikes I only dream and work to afford. So go back to work, ride the bikes and let us know what you think.

Re: It's good to have you guys back!

I think you need to get that $23k American Express bill under control...
But something is missing....

Look at it this way, least the random hairy postage stamp on your chin from the most recent CW article was not highlighted in the now imfamous "I'm too sexy for R6" photo!
Here I thought JB was modeling the new Arai Hairnet GT (or is that spelled Awry?). Come on johnnie - admit it - you are Mike Meyers' stunt double in "Goldmember", right? What'd ya do with the glue on chest carpet?
Good to have you back. Good to see you using the material I sent you on the Buell. (winning a Formula race) says it was rigged by the way. You guys should should do a track comparo(similar to R1, R6 thing) with the FireDolt , SV650, CBR F4i, and GSXR-1000. I heard Sport Rider is going to a comparo between the FireDolt and the CBR. So you guys can beat em to the punch.
Hackfu and Glydon

Hmmm, I'll have to try to think of something to razz hackfu on...

Glydon's article was an interesting read; rambling and disjointed, but interesting and entertaining nonetheless. Not a whole lot to do with 2 wheels, but I saw where he was going with the concept.

Oh, and Glydon, it's Koolhaas, not haus. He's designing the new Seattle Public Library which is one of those love it or hate it propositions. It has me appreciating it for the sheer weirdness factor but is sure to have 60+ year old residents up in arms.
They didn't exactly say it was rigged. Rules stacked in its favor, yes. Rigged no. Sort of like WSB rules seem to favor the twins. This does not mean the races are rigged. Nonetheless, the team got the bike two weeks before the race and managed to beat a field with some pretty impressive riders. Do I think the firebolt is ready to go supersports racing? No. But this result is impressive.
Real DeadBolt comparo needed

I want a real match 600s, 748, and DeadBolt. Track, Strip, Street comparo. I want to see how the same rider can do on the track using these different bikes. The earlier comparo was lame.
Re: It's good to have you guys back!

23K on American Express? What did you charge a Harley?

Good luck,

JB hadda go to his gig at the Lady Luck in Vegas right after the test. You oughta hear him belt out "Viva Las Vegas"!

Mr. Burns, I have to admit that I was thrilled to see your name posted on the MO masthead, or what ever it is that online 'zines have that's analogoius to a masthead...

...not that I could ever find a mast on MC'list, if you know what I'm sayin' you bitter little man, you.

In all seriousness, the fact that you, an acknowledged print motojouranalist, whose rep is absolutely anchored in the major print rags, has joined up with then ranks here online, at MO (the first online 'zine I ever read, way back in ['96), well, it's like MO is legit now... a REAL magazine... Not just somewhere I stop to peruse between the South Park chatrooms and the porno sites...

...well, maybe it still is, but it's got some cred now, it's somehow more real...definitely worth the $11.94 a year...(no offense brent and hack, this really is, and has been, the best bike site for a long time.)

Anyway, Mr. Burns, you can wear your hair any damn way you IF you needed our permission, right?...seeing as how, unlike me, you actually have some.
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I coulda sworn Igot all the typos...

i should not drink and type.
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