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The USPS Creates 'American Motorcycle' Stamp.

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A chopper motorcycle stamp? What's next, a Mount Rushmore image with the Teutul's faces super-imposed on it?
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Re: The USPS Time Machine Stamp

From the story:

"Three of the stamps feature digital illustrations of a 1918 Cleveland, 1940 Indian Four and a 1965 Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide that are modeled after motorcycles in existence today."

I'd like to see a stamp honoring the time machine they used to take modern motorcycles back to 1918, 1940, and 1965.
There's only three Teutuls. Maybe Vinnie could fill the fourth spot?
Re: The USPS Time Machine Stamp

I think what they're trying to say is that the artwork on the first three stamps was modeled after actual bikes, while the bike on the chopper stamp is just a digital creation meant to capture the spirit of 1970s choppers--a fictional character of sorts.
It will be the first time some of these bikes made it across the country without breaking down.
Is there a Ma Teutul out there somewhere? I suppose it is possible the Teutuls were cultured in a petre dish in some secret psy-ops lab so they could drop the average IQ of the populace even further.
can u get this news anywhere but MO? I would like to pay more than $11.94! I'd like to see a chap shootout soon. I am torn between leather and fur...
Re: The USPS Time Machine Stamp

You said it better than they did. :)
I actually bought the recent aviation release from the USPS. Much better than these 3 old bikes and a FREAKIN' chopper.
I would go with imitation fur or leather if I wzs you. PETA will be all over your ass if you show up with the real stuff.
Nelson from Simpsons

Stamp collection! HA ha!
They might be dropping the average IQ, but I bet they are raising the average yearly income by quite a bit. Can you imagine the coin those guys are bringing in? I wish my IQ was as low.
All I hear in my head is the REM Song "'s the end of the world as we know it.." I really hope this chopper craze goes like Disco did in the 70's with a REVOLT. I'm tired of it.
No doubt that they're raking in some major coin. I was reading Chevy High Performance magazine last month and they had a piece on supercharging Vinnies Cadillac CTS V.
Re: Nelson from Simpsons

I know, I know. Those are the only stamps I have ever bpought as a collection piece. I have them framed on my desk. Very nice artwork.
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