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The Video: Car Tire on a Motorcycle!

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I know a couple of guys who do this to their Valkyries but they don't ride very aggressively and they live in the Texas panhandle. No curves and very flat. They do get terrific mileage out of the tires but still, looking at the video, I don't think it's something I'd do to my ST1300. Could make for some interesting rear wheel steering though.
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Interesting choice of tire. I wonder why a snow tire was selected? It would be more useful if there was a back to back bike vs car tire video.
You can tow a boat with a KLR but that don't mean it's a good idea!
Again -- I'll reiterate -- you shouldn't do that; Use a Goldwing...........
Cool video...Actually I can see how folks that live in a large Midwestern city where Michael Jordan used to play basketball could use it. It looks like an all season tire not a true snow tire to this Colorado kid... On nice flat straight roads it would get great tread life and mileage I suppose. Yep longride should definitely put it on his Hayabusa.. it will save him big bucks and he will be less likely to tip it over when he is at stop lights I think the contact patch is definitely less during hard cornering than a normal motorcycle tire due to the profile of course.
kpaul is just kidding longride... This is just pregame smack.. Only a few months till July... kpaul has the "Eye of Tiger".
An idiots delight! Car tires are for cars; motorcycle tires are built the way they are CAUSE THEY'RE FOR MOTORCYCLES. If one can't afford using a proper tire, get a better job.
Good advice
Re: Wear Down the Corners

It appears that the corners of this car tire have been worn down from use -- much more so than the center of the tread.

This is interesting in that the tire could actually wear down to cords on the outside edges and still have lots of tread in the center.
You know, he never did update us on that. And I've seen post a few times he at least was able to pull himself out from the wreckage...
The only place this really makes sense is on a drag bike. Otherwise, you are just asking for trouble and leaving your insurance company a big opening to bow out thru on paying your claim in that one-vehicle crash you are eventually going to have.
Yeah. It's better to use one of those wussie Tundras.
If you put one of these on a single sided swing arm you definitely also need the gangsta spinner hub cap to complete the motif. Purple neon lighting underneath is optional.
Were those the pegs I hear scraping?

I understand a lot of people are doing this on Gold Wings and Valkeries (Jeezus, how DO you spell that?). Are there any reports of carnage resulting?
Not just on a drag bike - car tires actually are used on hacks frequently (and for obvious reasons.)
Re: Wear Down the Corners

Huh? Are you referring to the "comparison pic" of the car and moto tyre side-by-side?

I was of the edge-wear opinion myself, when I first heard of this. However, the guy (the one who wrote the "killer squirrel" story - damned if I can remember his name!) with the Valkyrie who first brought this to my attention has had several wear out the tread-center of the tyre first.

His opinion was that; the center of the tyre is most constantly in contact with the road - every time you turn, the outside edge of the tire has the pressure relieved from it, whilst the inside and center stand pat.

Personally, I would have thought the increased pressure on the inside tyre edge would wear it faster - but empirical data suggests otherwise.
Oh yeah, Dude! Definitely gots to have some Blizzing, Yo!

And a PS3 and widescreen, wit' a sound system that can THUMP!!

Lets noodle thru this logic - he can afford a Wing. Lets assume current gen Wing bought new so we are a lookin' at 17-21K depending....

And this guy feels the need to save a few bucks on a tire?

Is he trying out for "Jacka$$ 3"?
OK but the car tire makes sense on a side hack for the same reason is makes sense on a drag bike. No leaning.
Keep in mind the sidewall of the car tire is slippery.
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