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Things That Irritate Caged Animals.

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Riding with loud pipes without a helmet.

First post.

First troll.

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Harley riders that don't wave back.
Those who slam others based on what type of machine they operate.
The list sounds right.. I had 2 very close calls with women chating on the cell phone in SUVs.. I never had a close call on my bike with a male driver. Could it be men notice vechicle types better? i.e think motorcycles and fast cars are cool etc.. whereas women think like your mom that we are nuts.
Yep on my 100 mile ride this weekend.. The only folks who didn't wave back (I always wave first) were Harley riders...
Hey I never slam the GPTB I just make accurate observations about them.. :) Just kidding, you make a great point
Things that kill motorcyclists

It's not that cell-phone chatting drivers are "irksome" so much as they are life threatening.

I can't count the number of times I've almost been nailed by a cell-phone talking driver that doesn't perform a head check or, even worse, doesn't even look before turning because their cell-phone is in the way.

Having my life threatened never fails to bring out my homicidal urges.
Bikers don’t wave at folks in a bus kp …

BTW, what does greyhound charge for a 100 mile trip these days?

Easy for you to say now that you're peddling crotch rockets and Vulcans.
The last thing I want is a Vulcan. I mean, who wants their every decision second-guessed by one of those pointy-eared snobs? Always making with an arched eyebrow and complaining about how illogical it all is.
My #1 irritant is getting stuck behind a slowpoke on an entrance ramp. I encounter this almost daily. I wonder why more people don't try to match the speed of traffic before they get to the end of the ramp.
A Nomad isn't much better ruining your carpet with their dirty feet and goats.
Cager's are mostl likely pissed about lane-splitting because they have to sit in traffic while motorcyclists actually get where they're going in a timely matter. Jealousy does a good job of making people bitter.

Now if they would just allow lane-splitting here in Indiana. . .
DT1 riders who mix Torco at 12 to1.
Funny. When I'm splitting lanes LEGALLY in CA, my #1 annoyance is cars on either side of me! ;-)
Seems less obnoxious than a one fingered salute -- get those occasionally from the old school Harley crowd -- and it's just part of cycle/biker culture, so deal.
Why do you think all Drifters have a Mean Streak?
Yep, I get this all the time. It's not a cruiser thing... but a Harley one.
Yep. I've gotten cigarettes flicked at me, arms casually dropped out, and even the occasional door open... and I'm splitting at a very rational speed. I guess drivers forget they have A/C, music, drink holders, DVD players, etc. while they wait in the big as guzzlers, while we're exposed to the elements and just trying to get past the 4-wheel nightmare.
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