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I'd say inattentiveness would constitute reckless disregard when the inattentiveness resulted in two deaths. it seems the State agreed. However it appears W.Va. has the same problem we do on the West coast with the 9th district court of appeals in 'Frisco. Any case from Washington, Oregon and California that goes up for review goes to them and they have to be the most ultra left wing liberal "criminal as victim of society" anti death penalty favoring retards going. They've overturned more legitimate convictions and cost our state more money in having to refile charges then god knows who.

They're the assholes who decided we couldn't hang Micheal Rupe because he stuffed himself so fat at the tax payers cost that hanging him would pop his head off. Since hanging was the default option if the criminal didn't choose lethel injection, and the state couldn't force a person to chose his ticket to hell the state wound up supporting the fat ****sucker untill he died.

It's enough to make a dog puke.
1 - 1 of 86 Posts
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