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Think safety people!

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I'm installing one of these on all my bikes-even the Cuddymobile!

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Soon available from Vizr-Wypr (a product of KK Enterprises)!

Tired of having all that mist and rain and road mung on your face shield?

Well, no more! The new Vizr-Wipr mounts to your helmet with double stick tape, Velcro and a bungee cord. The wiper blade mounts conveniently to the front of your jacket!

Simply turn on the Vizr-Wipr, and the quiet, efficient 12 volt motor rotates your head to the right and then to the left while the wiper blade quickly and effortlessly clears the moisture off the shield!

Since the Vizr-Wipr features a variable speed control, you can use it for differing rates of rain or mist, or - if you crank it all the way up to the "11" setting - you can clear your nasal passages without blowing! (Caution! You should open the face shield before using the Vizr-Wipr in this manner.)

And that's not all! If you rotate the wiper blade assembly 180 degrees, you can use it to clear the fog on the inside of the face shield!

Call Klazy Ken today! Call now, and get the toothbrush accessory kit FREE!
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I just downloaded "Wired" by Jeff Beck two weeks ago.

Boy, does that take me back...
Remember cool artwork, and lyrics, and "behind-the-scene" photos?

I just don't think Roger Dean would have gotten as famous if his Yes and Uriah Heap (and other) covers were limited to 5" X 5".
And the zipper on the 'Sticky Fingers' album wouldn't work at all on a CD.

But hey! CDs are now on the way to obsolescence. Pretty soon there will be no such thing as a record store, or even a movie rental joint!
'Good luck finding stuff like The Insect Trust, Cactus, Tonto's Expanding Head Band, Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer Live, Fripp and Eno, 801 Live.... etc.'

Nektar, ELO, Manzanera, Budgie, Nazz, Supertramp, Talking Heads, Devo, Dixie Dregs, Mother's Finest, Alan Parsons Project...

Man, I could stay busy for a while!

I suppose they make a module that allows you to connect your analog turntable to a USB, eh?
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