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Thinking of getting 08 Bonneville Black

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I am looking at getting a new bike, and I have my eye on the Bonny Black. To me its just beautiful.

I was hoping that some of the members here could give me some feedback on some things to look out for or share their experiences, and photos.

I am 6'1" so I am especially interested in how comfortable taller owners find the bike. Also want to know if there are any nice looking crash bar/highway peg combos out there... and see some pictures if they exist.

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Donna git it laddie, the bloody pipes rrr all plugged up with crap, and it sunds like a constipated Honda generator, the moootr's like a blob of clay some besotted Englishman had in his kiln fer tooo lung, and other tan that its bloody awful. Dint say I dint warn ye.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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